Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

21 March 2016

Autopsy of Scalia's Hat @ Sein und Werden

2 Apr 2017-Murdered Scalia's remains to be examined.
Citizens of Marfa feel called upon to give account in the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The autopsy consists of a thorough examination. Beneath the concept of martyrdom to the state and symbolic disappearances of investigative reporting cover your ears. Put a pillow on the head of events, none being true, but sworn by all parties in the non news of Destruktion, deconstruction of every metaphysic--morality to sanction murder with a clear conscience.
Scalia in Cibolo

See this defamiliar ization of reality, dissolution of public order 
and myth-collapse here

Many ghost tales of Scalia's Death (13 Feb) are appealing, none so much as the sequel coincident with the Pope in Nogales calling Trump unChristian (18 Feb) and Obama flying to LA (11 Feb) then Cuba (18 Feb) by way of Presidio, reported in the Hat. Pope Francis had met with Russian Orthodox Primate Kirill in Cuba immediately prior to Scalia's death, the first meeting of these religions in a thousand years. It sounds impossible, but the Primate went immediately from there to Antarctica, the purpose being to ritually read a secret Vatican manuscript in Antarctica over an artifact discovered 25 September 2015 under the Grand Mosque of Mecca, called a plasma weapon. Patriarch Kirill had been contacted in Moscow by representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia because when they discovered the Ark of Gabriel that September they needed a manuscript Kirill had in his possession “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad” which presumably enabled them to transport it. Even more mysterious, this transport was done aboard aboard a fleet of Russian ships ordered by President Putin. What!? Note that Russia occupied Syria 30 Sept 2016 and exited 14 March 2016.

These matters tie up CERN, Fukushima and other topics of the research of Kurk Wold at Tales of World Science, a book in itself, Roo-Horse Predictive Programming, Angel Ex Cathedra, Faith of the Rebel Angels, Nephilim Handbook, Saturn, the Golden Age and Men of Renown, Days of Weimar, Project Blue Beam are all recent additions there.

Reagan quoted Daniel Webster at Scalia's swearing-in to the effect, "Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."

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