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03 December 2012

Begin the Bowdeen. Blood Orchid @ Unlikely Stories Episode IV

The blood orchid is a metaphor of the post-human replacement of humanity by artificial intelligence that assumes the moral high ground of its own self arrogation. It is a Laboratory of the Future. So whether we speak of social networks or hybrid life forms as ultimate goods to benefit the human, that is the post-human. How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? Leonard Cohen says, all the important mass murderers listened to the Beatles. "For centuries people have faced manifestations of the blood orchids, they have seen strange clouds, felt something seize their bodies they did not fully understand." The mutilation of earth, the mutilation of woman, the mutilation of health, nobody can say why fish have sores in the gulf, autism rates rocket, rocket is our favority epithet, it all rockets. I knew not where so I made a list of it here, called Pray It Not Strange, links, back links, vids, arts...potheads among the gold, "We have achieved our Historical Absolute. We have made our entire nation into a reservation" (17). "I now think that things are occurring so far beneath the daily patter of our civilization that we can both feel the tremors and at the same time ignore them.  This was also a pretense cooked up in The War of Neptune. A review of Charles Bowden's Blood Orchid here
Interview with Alice Driver: Femicide and the Aesthetics of Violence.

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