Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

28 April 2019

Futhark, Milk Vetch, Hard Fern @ The Gambler Mag

There has to be a justification for the camera, which is the point of view, in order for it to be believed it is not staged. Why is that Inuit, rescuing a polar bear at sea, being filmed. Who holds the camera? What don’t we see. The problems of point of view go on. That’s what makes Futhark interesting. What is the point of view, whoever holds the camera of the tale, the child born, the language of the tale that at the same time walks with his sons in the sea and mountain as they three share life together? The raising of sons is a heritage of regeneration, forgiveness and reconciliation-- to one another, to themselves and to the same being and beings they share, live with and celebrate.  here

--- Milkvetch--Your presence softens my pains. Language of flowers. Astragalus, increases the secretion of milk in goats. A few Astragalus species have been used medicinally by humans and have recently been touted as promoting longevity by activating the enzyme telomerase, though little clinical evidence supports these claims. Researchers are also studying milkvetch extracts as a potential drug to combat AIDS. In Greek, “Astragalos” is the name of the anklebone, and was used by the ancients as dice in games of chance (thus the gambler’s slang term of “bones” for dice). When shaken, the anklebones made a rattling sound, not unlike that of dried fruit pods of many pea species. Linnaeus applied the name to the group of peas commonly called milkvetches or locoweeds.

--Hard Fern--Blechnum spicant, called deer  fern, Blechnum spicant, grows near Deildartunguhver. This fern grows nowhere else in Iceland. Deildartunguhver is a hot spring in Reykholtsdalur, Iceland. Root - cooked. An emergency food, used when all else fails. Young shoots (often called croziers) - cooked. The young tender stems can be peeled and the centre portion eaten. An emergency food, it is only used when all else fails. It is also chewed to alleviate thirst on long journeys.

19 April 2019

Angel Standing in the Sun @ A Poem for a Penny on Good Friday

  A medieval text, The Fire of Love, Richard Rolle, speaks of the third stage where the glorious song of angels resounds, signifying his union with the divine love. The editor of Penny, George Dance, generously said, "It leads me to several complex thoughts, especially your last line. On one level, it's a literal (vision of an) angel seen in the sun - and a good read on that. On another, the last line makes me think of Southwell's vision of "The Burning Babe" -  that (and the son/sun pun) get me to read it as a poem to Jesus, which works well on a Good Friday. Then there's the foreshadowing of Schwartz's poem, and its "Time is the fire in which we burn", which gets me thinking about life itself as a process of controlled burning. It's a high point."
The Bright Extensive Will also appeared at Penny, where sons of angel light bow from out the sky, blind in all their beams and enter creation, which resembles those in Paradise Lost who, with the First Begotten, and suggests those who "by the waters of life, where'er they sat  / In fellowships of joy the sons of light hasted."

These theophanies gather on these hastings where all along debate wondered whether these were angels or in fact the One appearing. This wonder, where the wings of angel's gold, beings light radiant of golden man, might be portions of what appeared to Daniel, Jacob, Abraham. Likenesses of appearance to the sun have been usurped by Apollo, to whom it doesn't belong at all because all brightness, all glory belongs to the First Begotten, the Dayman, also Daysman of Judgement (Job 9.33). The angel in the sun is a daysman of judgment in the event follows, which word appears in the 1551 edition of 1 Samuel 2:25 of the English Version of the Bible translated "dayes-man." Tyndale's translation has for Exodus 21:22, "He shall paye as the dayesmen appoynte him"  (as the "judges determine") so hence the Son of Man, "the dayspring from on high" of Luke 1.78 whose title in Peter is the First Begotten. To Him all his glory in the speakers heart is raised and protected and consumed, in all His fire, for Our God is a consuming fire. That none of this attaches to the false angel of light forewarned as the fallen angel is evident as that darkness cannot imitate the light except by illusion. The real Light is the True Light of every man who comes into the world as John declares and as said, "Wake up, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." So of course he is the Only Begotten and First Begotten, "First born among many brethren" (Romans 8.29).

The poem was first titled in A Calendar (1973) "On Turner's Angel Standing in the Sun, 1846." Having spent some time at the Tate viewing this painting just after Calendar appeared, Eden, who I did marry, gave me Butlin's edition to model watercolor on. But the last words of that brilliant colorist of energy, J. M. W. Turner before he died were, the sun is god, unfortunate for him and anyone who holds that, from Donald Trump's golden penthouse and Marcon's rule like a Roman god, the Sun King (le Roi Soleil), to the modern Louis VIV at his assembly at Versailles, or sycophants of Apollo who construe the  Jordan Lead Codices as a figure of Christ. The image of Apollo is antichrist, he Golden Age that is and will be the age of Apollo, Greek for Abaddon, the Destroyer (spelled out at The Sun God). There is a fine line between this epiphany and the judgement immediately following when the Dayesman comes to judge. Then is the feast of the birds, and the burial of Gog that takes 7 months, whose weapons provide firewood for 7 years. A consuming fire.

A recent label on Angel Standing in the Sun in the Turner Collection at the Tate Gallery says: This late painting shows the Archangel Michael appearing on the Day of Judgement with his flaming sword. In the foreground are Old Testament scenes of murder and betrayal: Adam and Eve weeps over the body of Abel (left), and Judith stands over the headless body of Holofernes (right). Turner's pessimistic picture seems to show death is everywhere in this fallen world...he showed the painting with lines describing 'the feast of vultures when the day is done.' which is the biblical reference, "And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God (KJV)." That supper is the subject of The Banquet of God, displayed in the 20th anniversary of Ygdrasil, May 2013.

Angel was on the cover of the first
  Awhile, a site out of Uyo Nigeria
that was hacked pirated, repossessed
exceeded and expired. All the more

reason to thank Penny. 

 The Matthew Henry Commentary says Christ, the glorious Head of the church, is described as on a white horse, the emblem of justice and holiness. He has many crowns, for he is King of kings, and Lord of lords. He is arrayed in a vesture dipped in his own blood, by which he purchased his power as Mediator; and in the blood of his enemies, over whom he always prevails. His name is The Word of God; a name none fully knows but himself; only this we know, that this Word was God manifest in the flesh; but his perfections cannot be fully understood by any creature. Angels and saints follow, and are like Christ in their armour of purity and righteousness. The threatenings of the written word he is going to execute on his enemies. The ensigns of his authority are his name; asserting his authority and power, warning the most powerful princes to submit, or they must fall before him. The powers of earth and hell make their utmost effort. These verses declare important events, foretold by the prophets. These persons were not excused because they did what their leaders bade them. How vain will be the plea of many sinners at the great day! We followed our guides; we did as we saw others do! God has given a rule to walk by, in his word; neither the example of the most, nor of the chief, must influence us contrary thereto.

 The likeness of the heart to fire and light and its reception in images of color and sound, the heart of man of line 2 renews in the next to the last, my heart in which brightness is all and the end of all of our life, is the important statement of this poem.

02 April 2019

Giants and the Little Types @ AntipodeanSf #249

The Giants of Family Und, PupPoets, Mouthful Feeding Anomaly, Professor Yum, Encephalitic Obesities all appear @  Giants and the little Tykes.  How are poets the mouthpiece of empire, presidents the valet of multinationals, what is empire that poets and professors are its food? These conceptual realities of the new Wikipedia also  appear in Forward Blue Supereposition @ Gambler, in reviews of Ken Morrison Pursuing Gluskap and Contact Beyond the Abenaki, in PupPotem @ Squawk Back as the true heroes of the unworld and everywhere Ooks and Orcs gather.

10 January 2019

Katabole @ Emanations Chorus Pleiades

Emanations Chorus Pleiades at Amazon here (338+ pages) arrived today in the midst of constructing Transworld Portals, part proof of which occurred in 2015, preface still live at Quantum Portals. Put in touch again with this ethereal ms. not seen in some time reminded that the ms. on the other side of the portal is a misstatement. It doesn't exist anywhere in the whole extensive world system whose destruction preoccupies the Katabole, whose ten paragraphs go like this:

1--Miners, Dwarves, Nibelungs exploit the iron oxide coat...
2--All firings are apocalypses...
3--Such meditations eventually led to the proposition that at the beginning of time there was a fictional war...
4--The loss of the past is the memory that contradicts the present...
5--Once there were two earths, which we know from the interplay of the magnetosphere with the troposphere...
6--If you're sick enough, or get touched in the language centers, you read the Book of Life...
7--Submergence is fine, but the whole imagination below the surface is human, if opposite the surface we discover...
8--Many lawyers will protect us. The polytheres of these part parcel Data vertebrids, dating from the great days of katabole...
9--Insight occurs before the fact...
10--The car speeds downhill fast. I try to understand this as the wheels leave the ground. It planes out into the air, across a road cut into the side of the hill which serves as a launching pad. There is a green light. So crossing Conshohocken in Bala Cynwyd, on the way down to Levering Mill Circle, not quite while the car was in the air, though maybe it was, she asks my middle name. Elijah I say...
----There was a previous iteration called "Kings of the Pentagon." in print at Emanations VI in June 2017, now, after a decent interval, live Here

02 November 2018

Flight and Flower @ AZ State Fair 2018

Flower, entered in free standing sculpture, was en-cumbered with this ribbon, but the other, the Flight of quail extending around it, wings desiccated from prickly pear nopales, was in a deeper box. The attendant pulled out a check which seemed double the award until out came another blue, with a Best of Arizona too, Flower for its hispid crags and color of thought, Flight for that miracle that goes beyond thought.

29 October 2018

Organs, Funerals and Miscreants in the Journey to Pennsylvania. Gottlieb Mittelberger Regarding Conrad Reiff of Oley @

One result of the close examination required in republishing this essay is the certain realization that we are all travelers, hence subject to the same conditions and exaggerated stories that Swift urges in his satire. In preparing the digital copy some new information was entered. Conrad Reiff's conversion is well known among revivalists, for those were revival times. George Whitefield was much in evidence with Anabaptist thought charged with transformative  language and examples so we can include Matthias Baumann with the hermit Pietists of the Wissahickon with Conrad Beissel, and even with Count Zinzendorf's heterologies revival, the very thing Bird in his Fraktur complains against, with Yoder and.Frederick Weiser, and Richard Wentz and the Pennsylvania German Church Society of business men and professors so offended by the Blood! Of the passions and angers of Boehme and Weiss, the humor and intelligence of Peter Miller, all pastors of the Reiff church, revolutions notwithstanding, Muhlenberg's journals and letters inspire respect for his courage and sound mind with compassion and judgment.  

25 October 2018

Taliesin Poems [I] @ Ygdrasil

 These are the battle poems of Taliesin  written after A Calendar of Poems.  Llyfr Taliesin, Book of Taliesin of the fourteenth century, pictures its agonies in threes, of war, the love of woman, the worship of God. Heroes are measured in epithets. No incident is completely described. Descriptions are heightened with fusion from true "kindled" eulogies of an oral history unknown. It sounds like our own lives when the editor of the Facsimile text (1910), J. Gwenogbryn Evans, says none has suffered like Taliesin: "hundreds of lines have been marred in transcription. Syllables, words, clauses, sentences, lines have been dropped, prefixes, endings, and catchwords repeated or substituted for the original phrasing." The songs of Taliesin have been attributed to various authors from the sixth through the fourteenth centuries and beyond. Evidently this is still going on. PDF, p. 7-12, now at Ygdrasil here.  

 There is a backstory to the ongoing publication of the Taliesin Poems that is still continuing. The first of these was composed in my head, a villanelle, on a long night trip in Texas. It was a more finished villanelle in that incarnation than when it appeared in the the TQ in 1977. In this more laconic outing of 2018 I have changed the music to break the meter and the meaning further, although the form is still recognizable with a little grace of perception. The metric of long the days, and there is a harvest however demanded their cadence from the start and could not be altered. On of them was originally dedicated to Bill lee the akido teacher who first showed me Van de Weterings two zen books and loaned them to read. He gave me some of his Van der Posts too and the last bushman lingers behind these in solidarity. Four Clocks is a tanka, or was, but in the correspondence it had its own controversy. The plant is obviously a sonnet, one of a number rendered in the worship of God offerings in the Taliessin II, to appear.
While parts of it appeared in print, also in Latitude 30, who were eager to get them and called me on the phone to confirm, they bounced another author in Taliesin’s favor, they never appeared online till now, which means they haven’t been read as they ought, for the agonies of war can’t be forgot. In 2011 another mag loved the poems but the superstructure around them was such a problem it threw all three of its editors serially. I tried to withdraw it from the first, but they would not, so the second and third, academic people bulloxed themselves into knots of editorial process. The correspondence is relevant for  the contentions taken up between the confusion of the literal and the symbolic, still a concern at least somewhere in the U.

16 October 2018

How Lowell Discovered Pluto in Japan and Other Errors @ Queen Mob's Teahouse

 This last essay in academic style was a pin prick to the Lowell establishment. Like Walter Benjamin, Icke, McKenna and Tao Lin, the travesty of possessions in finding Pluto is not such a good thing. If you think Lowell's Mars and Venus observations confirmed in Wittgenstein's  Martian scientist outside Earth, that will be another department. Martians never see anything but themselves. In Mars Writing observers see themselves wherever they go. Mars observers want to get Back to Mars and Part I of Document B of the CheesE Blocks helps them. This is called anthropology. Proof is the grant I didn't get to define the terrestrial imperative as a fantasy of observers who can't accept the paucity of their being, shouting epithets of their own sins. Such arguments in applications to grad school and a later tenure application proved that when Lowell took up astronomy abruptly following his five books and  ten years in Japan, as his brother, the president of Harvard says, he found Pluto in Japan. It could as easily have been the Grand Canyon, considering its nearness to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. Science is no joke! These prefaces are a chance to understand that  writing of misplaced anthropology from Squisquatch,  Subfornical OrganConcepts of the Subfornical and the Wonk Yaps. here