Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

08 August 2018

Pianta Celeste o Stella Terrestre

here  Elémire Zolla, editor  of the Rome journal Conoscenza Religiosa, read Pianta while refereeing for another journal and translated it into Italian (M. Marinelli) for this issue on New American Thought, April 1983. It is now retranslated back and appears in English for the first time. The nine essays included Guy Davenport, Rhodes Scholar at Merton College, Oxford from 1948 to 1950  studying Old English under J. R. R. Tolkien, and wrote many works including The Geography of the Imagination,  the larger than life Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the middle of his  Oregon years,  Fritz Staal,  department founder and Professor of Philosophy and South/Southeast Asian Studies at Berkeley, I. O. ( Israel Otto) Lehman, curator of Hebrew documents at the Bodleian Library in OxfordLuce López-Baralt, writer on the mystical literature and religious practices of renaissance and medieval Spain, Andrea Mariana on Yeats in Merrill, John Steele, temporal density,"geomantic amnesia,"Kali Yuga, and pederast Peter Lamborn Wilson, lost soul of reputation.

Circulated in the day of typewriters, postage and submission lists in libraries, the Taiwan journal Studies in Mystical Literature suggested itself but rejected the essay. The editor included four pages of notes by a referee that complained "a lot is being made of a little and that it failed to include Longfellow among the star flowers, common knowledge anyway, "too much weight on a word." "all this about a man and plant seems way off the star/flower point of the essay; "deals with what seem to be cliches in a pedestrian way." Zolla's interest, not to speak of Foucault's in  Le parole e le cose  (1966, The Order of Things, 1970) discovered the subject  of the plant/man/star relation in biblical literature as profound and the basis for much wider celebrations. Written while a horticulturist for the Experimental Drug and Herb Garden, many essays on the theme occurred after at Human Botany and The Way into the Flowering Heart.

 Elémire Zolla, wrote, 6 Nov 1981: "I've just finished reading your essay - sent to SML -and I like it very much. I wonder whether you would allow me to translate it into Italian for my magazine Conoscena religiosa." So it appeared in Rome in Italian that spring of 1983. The title of Celestial Plant or Terrestrial Star in Italian is transcendent, pianta celeste o stella terrestre included with what Zolla billed as New American Thought.  I had not read it again in the intervening decades.  Years later I sent another piece to SML,  "True Humanity and the Created Universe / A Conversation in Heaven Before Creation" (Psalm 8 and 16) which was accepted. Editor Robert Eddy wrote a year after: "I just discovered that we forgot to send you an acceptance letter for your essay on Psalms 8 and 16, which we accepted in August 1985. The journal however had run its course and he informed it was to cease, so it would not appear after acceptance. Like an essay on Percival Lowell discovering Pluto in Japan at that time, what he saw he didn't see and what he didn't see he saw.

05 July 2018

Back to Mars @ Why Vandalism Journal

here China is investing in Moon shots and Mars Voyages, except theirs are above, ours below the ground. Some take symbolically secret mole contacts in Burbank, but at BACK TO MARS INVEST MENTS you may Help Send This Book In Space. Its prospectus is available at any Search where the Oracles of  Almost Finished lead to You Better Get It Straight. Then Biting Through makes it Time To Invest.  Make certain!  "Moles, Oracles, Home Improvements" will bring big returns to your due diligence, which missives appeared in  the propulsion of Planet Three Into Space. Other Mars investments may also be subscribed, first at Mars Writing from the Machine Translation of Ovidejo Desuno and then, ultima lastia, in Part I of Document B of the CheesE Blocks.  Good luck with all your eidolias!

04 May 2018

Storm @ Silver Stork

Storm, detail from a larger acrylic, had a brief appearance at Subliminal Interiors before was taken over by China.

01 May 2018

All Beings in Distress @ New Ink Review Zambia

here We should gather all our answers to prayer in one. The glasses were in two. The whole beach wiped out. Just the side of one buried lens caught the sun. I saw it. E, You couldn’t see anything without them. After a while the kids found the rest of the frame and the other lens buried some distance off. No I don’t think you would have found the glasses. What prayer had to do with it was it enabled a belief they could be found, which seemed impossible, so we looked. So prayer enables you to look for the impossible, and faith is the will to believe the glasses can be found. All Beings in Distress comes with Talk posted on a Chicago bridge.

23 April 2018

Spontaneous Combustion @ Why Vandalism Journal 2018

The mythical races of Scarecrow Oz  like the flying horse and a dozen acronyms of Origin Recognition Complex prepare us for the flaming celebrants of these Oroplasts of lit.

27 February 2018

A Visit Off Kurkwold @ Full of Crow Fiction

I looked up and saw the giant heads float above the capitol like balloons. Their hands and feet were dug first and mounted on pedestals. Other giant and giant remains, from the exorcism of the kidneys and lungs to the worship of the intestine hung from the brains on billboards. The religion of the day was assembling its body parts.  here.

27 November 2017

Angel Murders @ Mannequin Haus

Wheat and Tares
Angel Murders of 10.2 now in Mannequin Haus #11, collate with the hybrid Mischwesen carp and bird apkallu gods triangulated against 2nd Temple Watchers of Enoch I and certain  biblical accounts underway. Angel murders raised by Balaam and his overlords as a murder of the human and creation, are an ever larger context of wheat and tares. Angel Murders Against the Mixing. Wheat and Tares, chosen vs. the damned hybrid species of USDA labs, human vs. alien clones hybridized in their own web while it winds around the beautiful counterfeits. Angels tell them apart.
       "Wheat seeds first exude a milky substance like sweet corn as they ripen. When the seeds pass the milk stage they can be punctured without oozing. Then the harvest begins. The grains need to harden before they're ready.” 
        This comes with a merry ho, ho, ho.  At the opening of the World Church wheat and tares, girls are beating their hands like butterflies as they smile at us. Fictionalists! Eschew the evil/good horrific or get in trouble like medievalist John Gardener (Moral Fiction, 1978). The further in more evil in the good The boy in the hood, the cow that could, Sister Theresa in her last half hour lamented being a money machine for the Vatican. If you have a particular regard of enthusiast religion, genuine transcendence and where it leads in the world, you are going to see the enemy sow some tares.

08 September 2017

Johnny Cake @ Mannequin Haus

They say you grow out the song into longer prose forms. Johnny Cake is from the song. The phrase mannequin children appears accidentally in Johnny but suits the appearance in Mannequin Haus.  Runaway food tales seeking escape from various pursuers ending between the jaws of a fox anyone would like. A kind of lyric like other early legend, tales, stories that appeared in elimae, this parable of the Gingerbread Boy or the Gingerbread Runner is here

19 August 2017

Mars Writing from the Machine Translation of Ovidejo Desuno @ Future Trading

The Disappearance of the NASA Blogs And Transmission of Its [sic] Manuscript States. Edited from the machine translation of the Japanese of Ovidejo Desuno. here Grammatical solecisms of the machine  included. See also Part I of Document B of the CheesE Blocks,

05 August 2017

The Bright Extensive Will @ Penny Poetry Blog

White Horse
Here  We have to have the words to save our lives, for they are our refuge and strength, the Word and the Name we hold on to write over in large letters until the Bright Extensive Will is so strong in us that it out shines the sun. That and the Word Made Flesh that dwells upon us. Then we hear the word written in Earth's center, then all the earth finds peace, a peace blind in all its beams that enters creation, even this poem written 48 years ago, long before the ever completing internet concordance of the language was borning, and even if all these years later the words still fresh and dwell among us, full of grace and truth, have no repeat. It doesn't sound right that there are no results in English for the phrase "The BRIGHT EXTENSIVE WILL" or for "the word written in earth's center." These sound like phrases that should be prominent in the lexicon. "The matter of its making" has some resemblance with the title by Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker, but they don't occur anywhere. The reference to " Sons of Elohim who bow from out the sky" occurs nowhere at all! Likewise "concentrated and blind in all their beams," enter creation.

 Instead of thinking these phrases original, since this concordance enables us to search whenever phrases are original, it is more likely there has been a skew in search results with a dementia of  memory, so our reality has been tampering with as a Mandela effect, D Wave quantum computer,  CERN. As if all that were left of language were bastardizations when searches yield Will Smith for The Bright Extensive Will, and not the great ecliptic and beyond. These things are so. Paramount words of Peace are not in the lexicon, people are not putting their hopes on them, that earth all surface, sky and core should find peace.  There is no result for the search come into the body which begs for understanding more and more.

10 June 2017

Kings of the Pentagon @ Emanations Anthology VI

Kings of the Pentagon was written 5 years ago when trash giants still thought the missing head would supply the brain. They Five Disasters called freedom wars produced by Clanton, Bushinskis, Le Bommb, with one to come, were popular calamities to burn a new Reichstag into the public brain. Van Gogh's head had his brain reconstituted at gunpoint, shifted in the yellow period to Xanthopsia haloes around the lights, with burring furred antennae feeling its huge path. When we escaped, took flight.... Edited by Carter Kaplan,  Amazon.  Emanations Anthology VI: I Am Not A Number, Kings of the Pentagon 91f.

14 April 2017

The Branch Good Friday 2017 @ Penny Blog.

No extra-terrestrial intelligence, His human body shaped it to a tree that roots in wisdom and whose beauty's trunk to the earth sphere a branch extended. Sons become the Sons of God, even to as many as believe on His Name. First in print in The Mennonite, Easter Sunday, 10 Apr 1990, then online at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of New Rochelle, (Wayback 25 Feb 2007), now  appears with George Dance. “Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH,” Zechariah 6:12.The Branch is a name of Messiah. where his human nature is intended: "In those days, and at that time, will I cause the Branch of righteousness to grow up unto David;" Jeremiah 33:15"And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:" Isaiah 11:1 “I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH,” Zechariah 3:8.   Here

13 April 2017

Melt @ Red Fez 99

In one week, 11 Feb to 18 2016: Pope arrives in Mexico, 12 Feb., Scalia killed. The Grand Mosque Caliphate had contacted Russian Patriarch Kirill for Instructions given to Muhammad to process the Ark of Gabriel. Following the Havana Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill declares at Holy Trinity church in Antarctica,"the whole world below." Rampant supernaturalisms, borderline intelligence down in Antarctica. World elites resettle New Zealand. Cyclop lit, pre-Adam tech, Obama visits and bigwigs flee the Russian hack. They bury a masonry grid, dig it up to proclaim the alien here

21 February 2017

Boxcars @ Full of Crow. Winter 2017.

They were first called FEMAle boxcars for the invitation of intimacy that implied. Don’t get all excited that if there are French the German will be right behind. They're Coming to Take You Away was a novelty hit of 1966 before the country was carried off. FEMA camps they say are the Boxcar Donald OBombas, BushtonGore potatoes of the Apparatchik Kings [Emanations Six]. They would explode Saturn and Jupiter to settle the moons. The Jersey Turnpike and Space Alien Politics, media speech,  TrumpTurnSpeak are all in the anti-history of  Che Guevara's Hair apologies to Boxcar Betty and Sisters of the Road.  HERE

26 January 2017

Subfornical Organ @ Squawk Back 165

These letters reflect the Subfornical Organ debate the new organ practices that became part of our day. A latter age friend of Borges met at Texas some time ago said that when they squeezed, the SubForn would trigger radiometric monitors at nuclear sites and explode crystals in their acid brains. The voices of TurnSpeak call this free speech in their assault, like when they bomb you they are saving you. Snowflakes shrink the soft parts back into the shell by desiccation. This evolutionary tactic beyond our ken polarizes opposites! Anti-science is science, just the One thought! The anti-diuretic-reduced soft parts that evolved at the American election were able to pee with their mouth. here

A copy of the only book ever produced got an autograph out of  Frigman. He was so sensitive then he did not respond to ordinary requests. Pretend reviews of this book gained admission to the master’s  hand. He was head of  the Society for Literature and Science where it was sent it in as a review. He did respond:

I take exception to your assertion that were Pismuth to pee with its mouth that this would merely symbolize an orifice of literature. This oracular confusion may symbolize something more complex than our society and art, but not the cannibalism or government that the ancients mistook for an Ape. Literary  speech may reflect this freedom, at that to call it free it is free as a slave, or, if that’s not enough, the split transformed  to turn the  kidney into a third brain causes grave reservation in the review process, especially in what appears to be a wholly self-published and promoted work without any sign of external standards or review. Your press is not listed in any of the standard guides to books in print, nor are your individual titles. In a field where psychology is so well served by a myriad of small presses, we view self-publication as vanity publication, which lacks any external review prior to publication, as well as to the implication that the book in question  has not been accepted externally prior to publication. Occasionally one manages to go undiscovered through the cracks save for a small coterie of admirers, but let us hope that a Joseph Johnson may appear to publish Blake. As to the instance of a giant kidney in the form of a building in the nation’s capital, need I say that such fantastical architecture externalizing human organs outside the body is just the kind of thing external review is fashioned to prevent.

Although you may be indisposed to reading avuncular advice let me suggest you circulate your “psychology” among the little magazines to get a fuller sense of what external standards obtain and please find a local psychology workshop of peer-criticism. Both exercises are calculated to impart some humility which I, for one, find notable in its absence in writing that, far from being prophetic, is presumptuous. To put the case succinctly: a poetry and psychology that actually achieved the ends you propose would not need a “dear reader.” Readers would share the book without asking your leave . Anyone who “humbly send[s]…verses” probably is not humble at all.

Peter FreakenFreund

22 December 2016

Eating ISusan @ Gobbet

Those who follow the moon of a hundred parts know ISue tried to fly "nude before the Flood," "to the four centers of the squeamish."  To claim her as the "pineal daughter of Chaldee" with those "happy befallen Atlanteans" privileged to exhume her" would "open the gates of the anima" for those llike WB Yeats, except  his Endowment of Isis pended from Annie Butler Yeats and wife Georgie as amanuensis. Eating human spokespersons of the hundred parts to explore this female principle of nature" with its "tail in its mouth,"  "from Bolivia to Moscow they believe in metempsycowis." PD Ouspensky took his "initiation in the quest of Susan through animism into mindlessness."  Political matter was divulged in "Europe, Asia and America, [that is] Lady Ottoline, Lady Cynthia and Horrible Dorothy." America was horrible Dorothy.  The woman and the beast, the Gorgon Google beast rider saddled up the Terrible, hidden in Electro-smog as mindless with "Google Stare" divulged this religion of the half life "cow of mind life" mindless. Its backstory of Turk and his paramour  epitomized in "Sigmund the perfect Wagnerite to her Polish governess." Our first quote from Animal Farm changes "from pig to man" to "from cow to man." Characters in embryo there will more fully develop in the ether of finished work to make us novelists, for there is getting to be a future in MOOn Landings. Every line of opposition and linguistic fixtures thanks Gary Shipley for roofing our cattle. He previously herded Sue SmOOke in and two years later  Fairy Tale Fro Gromets. Complete rosters of the ten parts can be found at OOks where Eating is a way of following what one has seen before, a novel of mythic, political, religious mystery. here

11 December 2016

These Are The Eyes Behind the Blinders @ Blinders Journal V

The true name of this monoprint on the cover of Blinders Journal  5 is These Are the Eyes (behind the Blinders) The title Plice was given to cover up the grandoise supernaturalism that consumes all public events, as if they wear Blinders!

24 October 2016

Hands Up, Close Up. 2nd and 3rd Place, Free Standing Sculpture, Az State Fair 2016

Hands Up
Close Up
AZ State Fair 2016 2nd to Hands Up, 3rd to Close Up. First in free standing sculpture was a cow on her knees, hind end raised giving birth, a beautiful smooth bronze casting of the mother with a garish calf 3/4 out, coated in gold, offered at $16,000. I have no obvious symbolic statements unless you think Hands Up is a white guy who looks like a Martian with his hands in the air ("Don't Shoot," it didn't say). The judges were Gary Seltzer University of Arizona, Lawrence McLaughlin International Sculpture.

04 August 2016

Forward Blue Superposition I @ The Gambler

Wittgenstein invented superposition in the Blue Book, but it was infected and had to be microwaved. If you microwave a page of superposiion too long it will begin to turn brown and burn from the center out. The world named here for Leviathan by the sea waits for its emergence. The chambers of the mouth and inside throat, the caves and nasal beauties of those rocky coasts speak from The Revelation. Colonists, theologues, time portals, fairy crimes of head gridlines in hyper-space engineered a proto state. here

17 July 2016

Wilderness & Sign @ Plum Tree Tavern

I will tell the wilderness
beneath a bear.

Two poems up at Plum Tree Tavern, Wilderness and Sign.

13 July 2016

A History of Che Guevara's Hair @ Gobbet - Experimental Word Stuffs

here Two men assembling heads on an assembly line suggests a society that must lie behind such jobs, as if the eyes get glimpses and have to make sense of them as a whole. Stand back a little, piece it together. A History appears in the characters of Kurk Wold, Edmund Lockerbie, invited to appear by its editor, "chuffed."   Also see Confessin' Mouser K.

10 July 2016

The Shakespeare Code in Psalm 46 @ Ygdrasil

Would a prophetic deliverance of humanity bracketed by earth’s removal and desolation appeal to Shakespeare, who promises deliverance at the end of wars after the turmoil of Hamlet, the jealousy of Othello, the madness of Lear, the ambition of Macbeth? This is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Since Ygdrasil shares the enviable right with few mags to be perpetually archived by the government of Canada it will not easily suffer extinction. It was the first Literary Journal published online (1994). Here, p 19-25.

13 April 2016

Space Alien Politics - Phil Schneider In Country @ Red Fez

Much burlesque in the Red Fez report stems from years before inissued at SuperNats Kurk Wold 2/25/13. Schneider rappelling down the Archuleta in the last paragraph, “peed in his hard hat and threw the pee at the aliens and killed some of them." General MacArthur saying "the next war will be an interplanetary war." So did Reagan. Nobody's perfect. Antarctica comes first. The empire needs an enemy to justify their rap. They think they're coming in, but they're not, they're going out. Here
 Must see: The True Story of Phil Schneider, 17 Aug 2017

02 April 2016

Global Warming

This is a yoke as they say among the soft j and egg crowd. The putative dog groomer here is  grooming sculptures in order for the next show. First from the right Weimar Republic has and will receive ample in the coming  America. It got a closeup here at the Kurk Wold miniseries which we're proud of. Even RED Fex honked about it. Next to it is Civilization Redefined, so new it hasn't been fired yet, so a good talking to helped. This Redefinition is about to be Disclosed. Reset, That's a pun too. Glad to say it ended atop a wall in the Story neighborhood after the Christmas 2016 sale. It is still there. Quechua Man is the last. It appeared at the Herberger Theater Gallery as the primitive in this grapefruit trilogy.

21 March 2016

Autopsy of Scalia's Hat @ Sein und Werden

2 Apr 2017-Murdered Scalia's remains to be examined.
Charles Bowden died in bed and he got an autopsy!
16 May 2017 Justice Scalia Believed Supreme Court was Being Surveilled by Obama
Scalia in Cibolo
1 Sept 2017 Jesse Jackson like the Pope says Trump denied entry
See this defamiliar ization of reality, dissolution of public order 
and myth-collapse here

Many ghost tales of Scalia's Death (13 Feb) are appealing, none so much as the events coincident with the Pope in Nogales calling Trump unChristian (18 Feb) [and Obama flying to LA by way of Presidio (11 Feb)] before which he was in Cuba as reported in the Hat. Pope Francis had met with Russian Orthodox Primate Kirill in Cuba immediately prior to Scalia's death, the first meeting of these religions in a thousand years. It sounds impossible, but the Primate went immediately from there to Antarctica, the purpose being to ritually read a secret Vatican manuscript in Antarctica over an artifact discovered 25 September 2015 under the Grand Mosque of Mecca, called a plasma weapon (like the Tesla Wave used on 9/11). Patriarch Kirill had been contacted in Moscow by representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia because when they discovered the Ark of Gabriel that September they needed a manuscript Kirill had in his possession “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad” to presumably enable them to transport it. Even more mysterious, this transport was done aboard aboard a fleet of Russian ships ordered by President Putin. What!? Note that Russia occupied Syria 30 Sept 2015 and exited 14 March 2016.

These matters tie up CERN, Fukushima and other topics of the research of Kurk Wold at Tales of World Science, a book in itself, Roo-Horse Predictive Programming, Angel Ex Cathedra, Faith of the Rebel Angels, Nephilim Handbook, Saturn, the Golden Age and Men of Renown, Days of Weimar, Project Blue Beam, all recent additions there.

Reagan quoted Daniel Webster at Scalia's swearing-in to the effect, "Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."

09 December 2015

Soul Spinning @ Gobbet Mag Experimental Word Stuffs

I had been jacked out of a childhood of oil rigs and fires and train wrecks among strip mined hills, and all the social situations that might imply from the age of five, into an all new circumstance where this elegiac ground of being sank to the marrow. Came right down out the sky and settled on my shoulders. That was the first vision in the outer world. I did not open my eyes to others. I saved opening until the moment prepared the Blessed and only eternal man, Yeshuha Messiah. People shake heads at the idea of the only true man who have not felt

17 November 2015

14 November 2015

Once Like A Light @ The Penny Blog

Once Like A Light was written at the time of the earliest appearances in Gargoyle. Parts of it became phrases of public discourse, "over them I saw terror advancing," "fear from the south, destruction from the north."

13 October 2015

Satan at the Super Collider @ Red Fez

Image result for cern here  

There is more than one attempt afoot to break dimensions, counting in antiquity the legends of the stolen Sumerian stone Tablets of Destiny, some acoustic cavitations, and the lapis lazuli box/burial/technology of Gilgamesh's grave in the Euphrates, the Fermi collider outside Chicago supposedly causing the sighting of phantom jets at O'Hare, but also the blind unbuilt original at Waxahachie, Tx, not to speak of the three times life size collider planned by China in the next decade. Don't forget the Ark of Gabriel.These soap operas of science will come true if we wish it.  The great science of this denouement gives the impression, from the publication of this article, that there is much interest in the statement that the cause of the Iraq War-II  was to steal technology from Iraq Museum used to build the Tower of Babel and "take" heaven on a parallel track to CERN.

 This was the damned worm who pierces through the world. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and its objectives are viewed through the vision of Satan given by Dante. Dante's vision of Satan boring a wormhole in Earth's crust was labeled  nonfiction because it doesn't appear fictional if CERN is the main character with rituals to unleash nephilim. We all have foibles. CERN might be flipped, split in two with a 10.0 earthquake. Bodies infected with geoengineered nano particles or evidence that much of the solar system was devastated in the katabole is or is not Solzhenitsyn-like romance before the fact. I settle for the memory of the king of Babylon 
whose pomp is brought down to the grave. 
The noise of viols, the worm spread under him, 
the worms covering him.
 And also of the king of Tyre, 
 a fire from within him devours he who is brought to ashes in the sight of all.
Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28. 
Another note, these worms are like the subterres that slice through rock like a nuclear powered 2000 degree Fahrenheit earthworm. Unfortunately the links are not live in the published version so you can see them in the supplement.

The eight axes in a cross section of CERN intend to break the dimensions separating worlds. The image links to one offered in Alien Sky 55.11 which further study connects the relation of the reconstruction of the golden age of Saturn with CERN as an idea of Anthony Patch (CERN Conspiracy, Canary Cry Radio, Youtube, 10/2/15, 39.15f) that depends first on what is called the Golden Age of the Thunderbolts Project I. That is before the planets of our solar system assumed the orbits they now attain. Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn in this theory were in such a line that Saturn blocked the sun, except for solar crescents that formed on its quadrants. CERN is said to seek to reform the strong electrical bond between the planets that existed then. How the golden age was Kataboled, or disrupted, is not a part of the hypothesis, but is touched on below.
It is mighty unbelievable unless you build pathways in your brain to sustain it with various points of recognition. You must be able to sustain the difference between real and fictional (speculative) pathways in this. Patch compares the physics of the Nazi Bell, the North and South poles of Saturn and CERN in  the electrical reconnection of earth with the south pole of Saturn using a plasma conduit. A spiral (aureole) at the South pole of Saturn is supposed generated by the supposed synchrotron particle accelerator at the North pole,  naturally occurring, with a hexagonal shape. Two oppositely moving clouds of energy contained in the hexagon similar to the movement of red mercury in the Nazi bell, spin in opposite directions. The large Hadron Collider, (again) like the massive synchrotron accelerator  the North pole of Saturn that connects through the gaseous body of Saturn to the south pole. The electric plasma takes the form of a helical shape that looks like DNA. Thus the secret mission of  CERN is to connect the helical plasma conduit between the north and south poles of Saturn CERN with the large Hadron collider in order to reconnect Saturn and earth in the same fashion that existed during the golden age. What do you think you can do about that? Throw up your hands and say woe is me? Let me just say it's like the little guy with the doll puppy who comes into the meeting to sell toys, we should say he thinks he's coming in, but listen to what he gets to hear: "you may think you're coming in, but you're not, you're going out."here