Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

04 May 2021

Field Guide to Herbs @ Publishing genius - Everyone Quarterly

 This is a followup to Native Texans, Some Medicinal, Social and Philosophic Contexts of the Plants of Texas and the Southwest which always seeks to present plant lore with humor. A second edition in preparation, adds such chapters as Marigold and the Aztecs, Vitex and Sex, amplification of datura and Scopolamine. Here

02 May 2021

Food Prints @ Antipodean SF

 I wanted to write you millennials and Gen Zers here as Encephalitic verses burst before the microcatch. Featuring Hydrocephalic Cool Giants, Brain Taters, feeding mechanism with a little dog fork and a tongue, raw fry brain, mouths and teeth are encrypted in the words, Encephalitic invisibility, Verses solvents to catch them, a path of the holes, and Mars for Und Poppellis Encephalapod: Cephalofood & MoreFood for Walkingells. Also compare The Invisible Giants @ Dream People also Invisible Giants and the Little Types.

This is an Aussie world that leaves Food Print tracks in the down under.  Nuke says it's pretty strange, but what better place to appear than among the upside down, roos and white sharks circling off the coast. Even more for your viewing pleasure, since sound is meaning combined in the high courts of Little Dogs within, there occurs a recording of same produced and edited by sound of Aey which you must not hear. Here

11 April 2021

Bottle, Crack, Back Pew, Dithyrambs @ Ink Pantry

The poignant Bottle and Crack appear here with also Back Pew and Dithyrambs.
The communion cup cracked
I didn’t spill it.
It got on the book at the end of the pew...

Barley Feed @ Penny

  I made it up, can't give a good account of this poem and the others like of suffering the pain of battle, the agony of war. War being the excuse the powers give to fight their elite battles by proxy and make us feel heroic when we die for them. Explorations in North Wales led to intuitive participation in caves, circles, sea and land  Taliesin was a cover for something else harder to grasp, the dying, the resignation, meditation of the fallen after battle that ranges from the sea up into hills and mountains. These earlier Aneurin Y Gododdin-like poems aren't cynical. They are laments, elegies, threnodies of the fallen where ever they are. here

07 March 2021

Walk in Kilns, Alarm, Cats, Chang Po @ Ink Pantry

Hold no direct inspiration from sources, give up the idea of making.  Forget the themes, hear variation of voice. The heart must be honest to the utmost. All manner of joy and sorrow and every other thing, pointed or oblique, bent or inclined will appear naturally in the mind: “When you arrive at such a stage that you remove Him from your thoughts and senses and give up the possibility of conceiving or imagining His essence, because he is not thus to be apprehended, and you realize Him in the evidences of His activities, as though He were inseparable from you, you will have reached that limit of the knowledge of Him which the prophet exhorts us to attain in the text (Deut 4.39) “Know this day, and lay it to thy heart, that the Lord, he is God in heaven above and upon the earth beneath; there is none else.  Here

17 February 2021

Recon @ Trainwreck Press

This chapbook is a walk on sea and land. Published by by John C. Goodman of Trainwreck Press, twenty pages of poems whose contents can be sampled in case you want to buy the book, only available in printed format. Recon, Cogwheels, Pens to Write the Flowing, Name, The Body, Prayer of All Beings in Distress, Tree, Bottle, Walk in Kilns, The Sound of Light, Waiting Room, Breath and Dream Song, of a "new earth in a ground that floods with life the way the whole world will." Contents

Doll Shop
Pens to Write the Flowing
Pray of All Beings in Distress
Walk in Kilns
The Sound of Light
Everything With Breath
Waiting Room
Luminous Indica
Dream Song

01 February 2021

Brubaker Going Out of Jerusalem on the M1 @ Futures Trading 8.2

Brubaker Going Out of Jerusalem on the M1,
in  Futures Trading 8.2., (p. 17-30) print copy in Anthology Eight to follow, appears in the final issue. Print anthologies of these editions are spaced for reading. A linchpin of two worlds connected by a bridge, earlier parts in Cherubim Collection, A Step to the Bridge,The solecisms, spellings etc. are a way of speaking this reality.

03 January 2021

A Step to the Bridge@ Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal # 6

The music I seek is visible and audible in the whole. Here is the last paragraph:   Here online and in print on Amazon.

"Because they had not seen the Lev their buildings took on shapes of eels, whales, squid, materia proxima, materia remota, materia ultima. These new mystical men prove the history of the Odyssey. As Behmists of the slabby mists might purl ecstatic chapters of perfection of crystal streams over rock and ledge, or balsam pine hid in the small caves of  hillside with natural springs, Aurora hid in their language its universal matrix and Philologus esoteria prefigured. The great deliverance they felt was soon to be displayed. Not to deny fish mystics and Baptists worldwide, invisible storehouse of diverse mythmakers, that collective fiction that fathers early and later times to enable government, its followers virulent in self interest lept at the Behemoth dish while down at the other lept Leviathan, chief magistrate unlike any man today."

All these sites had connections to tunnels below from the above ground. These tunnels reached to both coasts. When it came out that they were camouflaged as krill plants on the ocean competing with the whales this enabled them to make the celebrated epath of Leviathan under, beneath, Behemoth above ↕ prospected by earth and under sea. If you yourself live between the cultures of myth in the aquarium humane, Ossian on the grass, Pythagoras, Plotinus, do not grudge to find the same soul of the world in land and water. It's always government and religion that people flee, and government can cover a multitude of sins, and religion.

[ Call it the Pied Cow where the good news after all the trumpets, judgments, seals, dragons, floods and mountains fall on that that town is, it's still cookin'. Not to deceive, it is the whole world. The other part is the other part, unless you take the wall down. Newtown is outside the Gates. No word yet as to how close the nerds can come to this.  Other inhabitants are fallen angels who survived the flood. That has to be the logic of survival of fire, to take a water analogy. Maybe the fallen had fins to survive the flood, maybe they could breathe under water. Maybe the fire and the rocks falling on the earth missed! There t'was a poundin and soundin just like visions of sugar plums when old Sodom and Dixie drove out.  It takes a while to chew. @ Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal #6 (p. 392-402), a post-trib info manual for society that remains outside the walls and gates of THE HOLY CITY.  "Blessed are they who wash their robes, who have the right to the tree of life and may enter the City by its gates, but outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices lies and falsehood" (Rev 22 14-15).RAISING HELL AT THE CAPITOL. THE CITIZENS TAKE OVER CONGRESS. WHAT DO THEY THINK  THIS IS ANYWAY?There is a hell outside of heaven and STEP TO THE BRIDGE will take you there. Outside the New Jerusalem, an upper echelon of the place Dante went, are the infirm, spiritually challenged. Maybe the point is that any place outside heaven is hell.  Step to the Bridge is a heads up for society remaining outside the walls and gates of that HOLY CITY of Revelation (22 15) when it comes down. Here is an information manual describing post-trib governance of the new rulers of the Reset Newtown, new era and new world: ]

There government and rulers continue to practice their progressive ways in print on Amazon, and FREE 

The Cherubim Collection @ Blue Labyrinths

Flag symbolizes sacrificed body of the citizen @Thetotemmyth:sacrificeandtransformation

The Cherubim Collection combines geography, morality and prophecy in a Taurobolium, sacrifice of a bull. The continental U.S. nicely contorts as an east west rectangle figure of a bull we follow down the years of this descent.You can look for where you live in this country and prophesy yourself, figure out how it's going to go for you in the life and afterlife imposed. Impose a latitude and longitude map on top and check your coordinates on the Taurobolium, but be aware that the map is always moving slower than the eye can see. here

 The taurobolium of imaginative maps compare to real ones as visions of the Oecomene, as here where the Wild Duck, Museum-copy of a wallpainting of Akrotiri,17th cent. BC, Xeste 3, Room 3b, SANTOZEUM, Santorini / Fira

 The brazen bull of the Taurobolium is also a metaphor of present media crises, Covid- 19 virus, rioting cities, election frauds--all fires set under the hollow bronze bull, heating the metal until the prisoners locked inside are roasted to death as their cries are translated through a system of tubes and stops into sounds like the bellowing of an infuriated bull. The Re:Set is that Brazen Bull. Antipas, Bishop of Pergamon, was ordained by the Apostle John during the reign of the Nero, and martyred when he cast out demons worshiped by being burned in a brazen bull-shaped altar. 


---There turn out to be disparate sources on the meaning, background and application of the Taurobolium as a national geographical figure of nations, America in particular. Ellen White says in America’s Crisis

that   “the reader should bear in mind that there is one symbol, the second symbol of Revelation 13, which is not yet applied, and that there is one mighty nation in this western hemisphere, worthy, as we have seen, of being noted in prophecy, which is not yet brought in. That is, all the symbols but one are applied, and all the available portions of the earth, with the exception of our own government, are covered by the nations which these symbols represent. To state it in other words, of all the symbols presented, one alone, the two-horned beast of Revelation 13, is so far unapplied, and of all the countries of the earth respecting which any reason exists why they should be mentioned in prophecy at all, one alone, our own government, remains unidentified. America’s Crisis, Ellen White:

Do the two-horned beast and the United States belong together? Does the former symbolize the latter? If they do thus belong together, all the Biblical symbols find an application, and the whole ground is covered. If they do not thus belong to each other, it follows (1) that the United States is not represented in prophecy at all, by any of the symbols which represent the nations of the earth, which is not probable; and, secondly, that the symbol of Revelation 13:11-17 finds no government to which it can be applied, which is not possible.
Let us then look a little further at this symbol of Revelation 13:11-17,and see if our government has developed any features in its past history, or present character, which answer to the specifications brought to view in the symbol.
1. John calls this “another beast,” showing that the nation was a different one from any which had thus far been represented by any of the preceding symbols. But those symbols, as we have seen, cover all the available portions of the eastern hemisphere; hence we must look for the power intended by this symbol to the western hemisphere. And when we turn to this locality, the eye is at once attracted by our own country, the great American colossus here arising.

2. When the nation intended by this prophecy first came to the prophet’s attention, it was “coming up.” And the point of time is clearly indicated. It was when the preceding, or papal power, represented by the leopard beast, went into captivity (Revelation 13:10), or when, as already mentioned, the Papacy was temporarily over-thrown, in 1798. Was our own nation then coming up? - Most emphatically. The Declaration of Independence was issued only twenty-two years before, and the war for national freedom reached its successful termination only fourteen years before. Hence, in the two important points of chronology and location, are we held to this country, and no other, for the application of the symbol of the two-horned beast.

3. It comes up out of the earth. The preceding, or leopard beast, and the four great beasts of Daniel 7, came up out of the sea, that is, arose in territory thickly populated; for waters denote peoples and nations and tongues. Revelation 17:15; Isaiah 8:7. Coming up out of the earth would signify, by contrast with coming up out of the sea, the development of the power in question in a territory new, and previously unoccupied by civilized nations. This, again, points directly to the New World, and to our own country.

 4. It had two horns like a lamb. Such horns well symbolize the innocent, peaceful, and lamblike professions of this government. The two great principles of civil and religious liberty, - “a State without a king, and a church without a pope,” - have been the great attraction which has drawn the world to America. And this pertains equally to both branches of the really dual government, State and national, which here exists.

5. When first brought to view, it was “coming up”. That is, it was in a state of visible, tangible growth and expansion. And it was also coming up in a quiet and peaceful manner, for the words “coming up” (in the Greek, anabatnon) mean “to grow up like a plant out of the earth.” In just this way the United States has arisen. Expanding as it has, from less than three millions of people, when its independence was declared, in 1776, to over three millions and a half square miles of territory, and over sixty-five millions of people, in a little over a century, it presents an instance of national growth that has no parallel in the annals of the world. It has come up, not by conquering and subjugating other peoples, but in a quiet and peaceful manner, so much so that George Alfred Townsend, without any reference to the prophecy, in trying to describe it could think of no better figure than that which the prophet himself used nearly eighteen hundred years before. In his work entitled “The New World Compared with the Old,” page 635, contrasting the rise of this country with that of the other nationalities”

6. “He exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him.” That is, it will be no second-rate power, but as strong a nation as has ever been seen, since empire began. Our own country, as already mentioned, answers admirably to this condition.

7. “He causeth the earth, and them which dwell therein, to worship the first beast.” The first beast, as already noticed, is the Papacy; and to worship any power is to obey it in some particulars which are peculiar to itself, and in opposition to the demands of other powers. In the present case it is further explained by the words of verse 16, that (the two-horned beast) causes all to receive a mark, which is the mark of the beast (Revelation 16:2). The mark of any power is that by which it asserts its claim to supreme authority, and by which its followers are distinguished from those of every other power. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, in reference to which these expressions are used, the worship and the mark are found in the observance of the first day of the week as the sabbath, which that church claims as its special badge of authority. See Roman Catholic catechisms. This comes into direct conflict with the authority of God, who, for reasons set forth in his word, demands the observance of the seventh day. It is impossible for anyone to obey them both; for they are intentionally placed in antagonism and opposition. Therefore, by his course with reference to these two days, as to which he will observe as the Sabbath, every one, with full intelligence in regard to the issue before him, decides whether he prefers to obey God in opposition to the church, or the church in opposition to God. And it is therefore a striking and corroborative fact that the Sabbath commandment is the only one in which the earth - the land, in contrast with them (the people) who dwell therein - as set forth in Revelation 13:12, can be caused to obey (Leviticus 26:34, 35; 2 Chronicles 36:21), and thus worship the beast. And the contest is now on in this country between these two institutions.

8. The nation represented by the two-horned beast is a Protestant nation; for it causes its people to worship the first beast, the Papacy, by religiously regarding some institution of the Papacy, as noted above. Now, if it were a papal nation, its citizens would voluntarily render that worship, or if enforced by the government, it would enforce the worship of itself. But here it is one power enforcing the worship of another power, and that other power is the Papacy; for it is the first beast. Therefore, this power that enforces the worship is a Protestant power, which is another feature by which it is shown that the two-horned beast applies to our own country.

 9. “He doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” It is another striking fact that in this country modern Spiritualism originated, through which many wonders have already appeared, and others, to the full extent of the prophecy, may just as easily follow; for Spiritualism is a masterpiece of evil to deceive; and it, according to the prophecy, is one of the great factors which is to lead the nation on in the oppressive work which it is finally to do. Verse 14. e 14

10. It is, lastly, to cause the people to make an image to the beast; and to do this, it says to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image, etc. By this it plainly appears that the form of the government in question is republican, for appeal is made to the people to carry out whatever measure it is desired to secure, and by their votes the question is decided. Let us now group together these features, and note their significance:-
1. The power in question must be located in the western hemisphere.
2. It comes into view at the time the first beast goes into captivity, namely, about the year 1798.
3. It rises in a quiet and peaceable manner, like a plant out of the earth, and in territory previously unoccupied by civilized nations.
4. It makes a profession which is perfectly just, innocent, and lamb-like.
5. Its progress is so rapid as to strike the beholder with wonder.
6. It is the equal of any other nation in power.
7. It enforces an institution of the Papacy - the first-day sabbath - which, when so enforced, constitutes the worship and mark of the beast.
8. It is a Protestant power.
9. It is a nation in which appear great and super-human wonders to deceive the people.
10. It is republican in its form of government.

"Of these ten specifications two things can be said: First, that they will apply perfectly to our own country, the Government of the United States; and, secondly, that if we try to apply them to any other government, they will be found to be utter failures. The two-horned beast, therefore, symbolizes the Government of the United States, and cannot be applied to any other nation. Behind these ten lines of defense the argument for this position lies impregnably intrenched.
But a painful sequel follows; for, according to the conditions of the prophecy, some of them already alluded to, this same power is to commit itself to ways that are dark and inscrutable, and, contrary to all its profession of justice and innocence, enter upon a systematic and legal course of religious persecution against those who would obey the truth of God, according to His word. While the beast has the horns of “a lamb,” it speaks “as a dragon.” Into these somber features the whole current of this prophecy at last resolves itself. If the first beast represents the Papacy, as is the conviction of all genuine Protestants, and if that system is utterly subversive of the word of God, being the anthropological horn of Daniel 7, the man of sin and son of perdition spoken of by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2, and the antichrist of John, then to worship that beast is to apostatize from God; and the two-horned beast, by enforcing that worship, shows itself to be an enemy of God and the opposer of true religion.

If Sunday, as a rest day, which Rome claims as a mark of her power to rule the church, is the antagonist and rival of the Sabbath of the Lord, as is proved by the Scriptures, then the two-horned beast, by compelling people to receive such mark, arrays itself on the side of evil, and forces men into a position of antagonism with Jehovah. The image which he causes the people to make is an image of the beast.
We can determine what an image of the Papacy will be by considering what constituted the Papacy itself in its days of power. As brought to view in the prophecy, it may be defined as an ecclesiastical hierarchy, exercising the self-assumed prerogative of defining heresy, and having the control of the civil arm to punish the same. An image of this would be an ecclesiastical organization, having control of the civil power to carry out its own decisions and purposes. This would of course be a virtual union of Church and State.
This the founders of our government intended to guard against, but for just this thing, by a lamentable oversight, they have left the way all open. Such an organization in this country would be a reproduction of the first beast in character, and surely reenact its tyrannical works. The image is not only an image of the beast, but it is an image made to the beast, indicating on the part of those who make the image, an abject deference to, and collusion with, that beast; which, to say the least, is most astonishing in a professedly Protestant country. When people began, years ago, to study these specifications of the prophecy, they were able to draw only one conclusion, and that is that the country represented by the two-horned beast would, in the end, virtually renounce its Protestantism, its republicanism, ignore its professions of lamb-like innocence, and, fired with the spirit of the Papacy, which is the spirit of the dragon the second wild beast supports the former wild beast but with more subtlety, intelligence, and culture Because of this seductiveness, and of his efforts to support his mission with higher sanctions (Revelation 13:13), he is called in later chapters (Revelation 16:13; Revelation 19:20; Revelation 20:10) the False Prophet
this beast as self deceit - that form of plausibility by which men persuaded themselves into a belief that they might without harm worship the former beast. assume a plausible exterior, that men may be beguiled.

In Daniel 8:5-7 a male goat with a large horn between his eyes suddenly arises from the west and smashes both horns of the ram. The angel Gabriel tells Daniel this goat represents the kingdom of Greece and its large horn is its first king, which would be shown by later history to be Alexander the Great (Daniel 8:21). After over 200 years of rule, the Medo-Persian Empire came to an end in 331 B.C. This prophecy of a male goat, which represents the same kingdom as the third beast of Daniel 7, takes an unusual turn in verse 8. The large horn being broken represents Alexander’s untimely death at the young age of 33."