Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

10 January 2019

Katabole @ Emanations Chorus Pleiades

Emanations Chorus Pleiades at Amazon here (338+ pages) arrived today in the midst of constructing Transworld Portals, part proof of which occurred in 2015, preface still live at Quantum Portals. Put in touch again with this ethereal ms. not seen in some time reminded that the ms. on the other side of the portal is a misstatement. It doesn't exist anywhere in the whole extensive world system whose destruction preoccupies the Katabole, which ten paragraphs go like this:

1--Miners, Dwarves, Nibelungs exploit the iron oxide coat...
2--All firings are apocalypses...
3--Such meditations eventually led to the proposition that at the beginning of time there was a fictional war...
4--The loss of the past is the memory that contradicts the present...
5--Once there were two earths, which we know from the interplay of the magnetosphere with the troposphere...
6--If you're sick enough, or get touched in the language centers, you read the Book of Life...
7--Submergence is fine, but the whole imagination below the surface is human, if opposite the surface we discover...
8--Many lawyers will protect us. The polytheres of these part parcel Data vertebrids, dating from the great days of katabole...
9--Insight occurs before the fact...
10--The car speeds downhill fast. I try to understand this as the wheels leave the ground. It planes out into the air, across a road cut into the side of the hill which serves as a launching pad. There is a green light. So crossing Conshohocken in Bala Cynwyd, on the way down to Levering Mill Circle, not quite while the car was in the air, though maybe it was, she asks my middle name. Elijah I say...
----There was a previous iteration called "Kings of the Pentagon." in print at Emanations VI in June 2017, now, after a decent interval, live Here

02 November 2018

Flight and Flower @ AZ State Fair 2018

Flower, entered in free standing sculpture, was en-cumbered with this ribbon, but the other, the Flight of quail extending around it, wings desiccated from prickly pear nopales, was in a deeper box. The attendant pulled out a check which seemed double the award until out came another blue, with a Best of Arizona too, Flower for its hispid crags and color of thought, Flight for that miracle that goes beyond thought.

29 October 2018

Organs, Funerals and Miscreants in the Journey to Pennsylvania. Gottlieb Mittelberger Regarding Conrad Reiff of Oley @

One result of the close examination required in republishing this essay is the certain realization that we are all travelers, hence subject to the same conditions and exaggerated stories that Swift urges in his satire. In preparing the digital copy some new information was entered. Conrad Reiff's conversion is well known among revivalists, for those were revival times. George Whitefield was much in evidence with Anabaptist thought charged with transformative  language and examples so we can include Matthias Baumann with the hermit Pietists of the Wissahickon with Conrad Beissel, and even Count Zinzendorf's heterologies revivalist, the very thing Bird in his Fraktur complains against, with Yoder and.Frederick Weiser, and Richard Wentz and the Pennsylvania German Church Society of business men and professors how are so much offended by the Blood! Of the passions and angers of Boehme and Weiss, the humor and intelligence of Peter Miller, all pastors of the Reiff church, revolutions notwithstanding, Muhlenberg's journals and letters inspire respect for his courage and sound mind with compassion and judgment.  here

25 October 2018

Taliesin Poems [I] @ Ygdrasil

 These are the battle poems of Taliesin  written after A Calendar of Poems.  Llyfr Taliesin, Book of Taliesin of the fourteenth century, pictures its agonies in threes, of war, the love of woman, the worship of God. Heroes are measured in epithets. No incident is completely described. Descriptions are heightened with fusion from true "kindled" eulogies of an oral history unknown. It sounds like our own lives when the editor of the Facsimile text (1910), J. Gwenogbryn Evans, says none has suffered like Taliesin: "hundreds of lines have been marred in transcription. Syllables, words, clauses, sentences, lines have been dropped, prefixes, endings, and catchwords repeated or substituted for the original phrasing." The songs of Taliesin have been attributed to various authors from the sixth through the fourteenth centuries and beyond. Evidently this is still going on. PDF, p. 7-12, now at Ygdrasil here.  

 There is a backstory to the ongoing publication of the Taliesin Poems that is still continuing. The first of these was composed in my head, a villanelle, on a long night trip in Texas. It was a more finished villanelle in that incarnation than when it appeared in the the TQ in 1977. In this more laconic outing of 2018 I have changed the music to break the meter and the meaning further, although the form is still recognizable with a little grace of perception. The metric of long the days, and there is a harvest however demanded their cadence from the start and could not be altered. On of them was originally dedicated to Bill lee the akido teacher who first showed me Van de Weterings two zen books and loaned them to read. He gave me some of his Van der Posts too and the last bushman lingers behind these in solidarity. Four Clocks is a tanka, or was, but in the correspondence it had its own controversy. The plant is obviously a sonnet, one of a number rendered in the worship of God offerings in the Taliessin II, to appear.
While parts of it appeared in print, also in Latitude 30, who were eager to get them and called me on the phone to confirm, they bounced another author in Taliesin’s favor, they never appeared online till now, which means they haven’t been read as they ought, for the agonies of war can’t be forgot. In 2011 another mag loved the poems but the superstructure around them was such a problem it threw all three of its editors serially. I tried to withdraw it from the first, but they would not, so the second and third, academic people bulloxed themselves into knots of editorial process. The correspondence is relevant for  the contentions taken up between the confusion of the literal and the symbolic, still a concern at least somewhere in the U.

16 October 2018

How Lowell Discovered Pluto in Japan and Other Errors @ Queen Mob's Teahouse

 This last essay in academic style was a pin prick to the Lowell establishment. Like Walter Benjamin, Icke, McKenna and Tao Lin, the travesty of possessions in finding Pluto is not such a good thing. If you think Lowell's Mars and Venus observations confirmed in Wittgenstein's  Martian scientist outside Earth, that will be another department. Martians never see anything but themselves. In Mars Writing observers see themselves wherever they go. Mars observers want to get Back to Mars and Part I of Document B of the CheesE Blocks helps them. This is called anthropology. Proof is the grant I didn't get to define the terrestrial imperative as a fantasy of observers who can't accept the paucity of their being, shouting epithets of their own sins. Such arguments in applications to grad school and a later tenure application proved that when Lowell took up astronomy abruptly following his five books and  ten years in Japan, as his brother, the president of Harvard says, he found Pluto in Japan. It could as easily have been the Grand Canyon, considering its nearness to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. Science is no joke! These prefaces are a chance to understand that  writing of misplaced anthropology from Squisquatch,  Subfornical OrganConcepts of the Subfornical and the Wonk Yaps. here

09 October 2018

A Vocabulary of Opposites @ Mannequin 12

Calendar's Seasons of the New World.

When Terry Earhart read Calendar when it came out he said it seemed angry. Stephen Spender said it was "almost there." Looking now it frightens that it might seem to have given aid and comfort to antifis who vex our time and have control over all the institutions of education, media, science, so in that sense I am like Eduardo Galeano who retracted Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina (1971), (in English, 1973), Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent, being about the same distance in time from its inception as Calendar (1973) is now, in miniature. Little danger of any of this however when political economy is written. His was in the "style of a novel about love or pirates," but this in lyrical narrative, submerged in symbols at that.  Galeno's change is attributed to sickness and a stroke. The stroke anyway is significant, but without the MRI we don't know in what part of the brain, but in writers isn't it always the language center, not so much the reasoning, processing that transforms the latitude where the emotional sense is magnified and therefore wants to be correct its too callow previous view. The urge to speak positively becomes important in a man of age, not to speak radically.

It is a great thing to confront yourself by yourself. It proves you have grown, or diminished, depending. "For me, this prose of the traditional left is extremely leaden, and my physique can’t tolerate it” (Galeano). So if we allow the past opinion to be quantum particle a and the present opinion as b, whether a or b, it is our own understanding we are attempting to describe, not the reality. The question is, how can a property here tell me something about a property on Antares there when I examine it? Quantum entanglement encoded in words, not numbers as software designers imagine it, is much more complex for the variables of sound and meaning, many sounds equal one meaning, but the meaning is a conditioned state, depending. Each semantic entanglement evokes its own subverse, spinning off meanings perceived only if the references are known. So much language is not understood because the entanglements are not.  So how do you know that if you break this code here that there is not a sequence of understanding there, like that of Psalm 16, Messiah simultaneously in both his incarnate and pre-incarnate state, which gives the answer?

Even when Vocabulary was submitted some months ago I did not oppose it, but now the politicat social fake rhetoric is so extreme I cringe to have contributed to it. In a much lower scale I am like Galeano. The most important thing in a literary character is growth and change, that an  author can grow and change is a great compliment when it addresses his ideas and perceptions of the world. Most of my writing proceeded against background experiences of wholly legitimate love and life in Latin America and the Black south where those impressions went against the grain of society of the north. Today's radicals proceed from no personal experience at all, but from a dialect, programed entirely by their bosses, those bosses being the very ones I then despised. Even empire at odds with life in Calendar is not the cause, it is deeper, for the bosses more and more reveal themselves, the bankers, the CEOs, the scientists of being, drug artists of divide and conquer. Only the end of Vocabulary where the narrator pins his ear with an awl against a board is apposite. Such misgivings only happen in a poetic effort. There are no such backgrounds in all the prose takes of empire in Super Collider, etc., which take a largely neutral content outlook. Se we wrestle with the past, our past and the world's, and always think to come to some resolution, even as its history is revoked, that, we and the earth share the same experience in this, small and great, because it will be recreated as shall we, first in spirit then in body through Jesus Christ our Lord, so that is our story first to last to live.

02 October 2018

Three Poems @ New Ink Review (Zambia)

Up so many times from death
I disbelieve she stands,
blood dripping from the sightless eye,
Heaving and breathing yes,
But no cries
in the plain of light
Of sneezes of blood so great
Or seizures eject quark...

08 August 2018

Pianta Celeste o Stella Terrestre

here  Elémire Zolla, editor  of the Rome journal Conoscenza Religiosa, read Pianta while refereeing for another journal and translated it into Italian (M. Marinelli) for this issue on New American Thought, April 1983. It is now retranslated back and appears in English for the first time. The nine essays included Guy Davenport, Rhodes Scholar at Merton College, Oxford from 1948 to 1950  studying Old English under J. R. R. Tolkien, and wrote many works including The Geography of the Imagination,  the larger than life Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the middle of his  Oregon years,  Fritz Staal,  department founder and Professor of Philosophy and South/Southeast Asian Studies at Berkeley, I. O. ( Israel Otto) Lehman, curator of Hebrew documents at the Bodleian Library in OxfordLuce López-Baralt, writer on the mystical literature and religious practices of renaissance and medieval Spain, Andrea Mariana on Yeats in Merrill, John Steele, temporal density,"geomantic amnesia,"Kali Yuga, and pederast Peter Lamborn Wilson, lost soul of reputation.

Circulated in the day of typewriters, postage and submission lists in libraries, the Taiwan journal Studies in Mystical Literature suggested itself but rejected the essay. The editor included four pages of notes by a referee that complained "a lot is being made of a little and that it failed to include Longfellow among the star flowers, common knowledge anyway, "too much weight on a word." "all this about a man and plant seems way off the star/flower point of the essay; "deals with what seem to be cliches in a pedestrian way." Zolla's interest, not to speak of Foucault's in  Le parole e le cose  (1966, The Order of Things, 1970) discovered the subject  of the plant/man/star relation in biblical literature as profound and the basis for much wider celebrations. Written while a horticulturist for the Experimental Drug and Herb Garden, many essays on the theme occurred after at Human Botany and The Way into the Flowering Heart.

 Elémire Zolla, wrote, 6 Nov 1981: "I've just finished reading your essay - sent to SML -and I like it very much. I wonder whether you would allow me to translate it into Italian for my magazine Conoscena religiosa." So it appeared in Rome in Italian that spring of 1983. The title of Celestial Plant or Terrestrial Star in Italian is transcendent, pianta celeste o stella terrestre included with what Zolla billed as New American Thought.  I had not read it again in the intervening decades.  Years later I sent another piece to SML,  "True Humanity and the Created Universe / A Conversation in Heaven Before Creation" (Psalm 8 and 16) which was accepted. Editor Robert Eddy wrote a year after: "I just discovered that we forgot to send you an acceptance letter for your essay on Psalms 8 and 16, which we accepted in August 1985. The journal however had run its course and he informed it was to cease, so it would not appear after acceptance. Like an essay on Percival Lowell discovering Pluto in Japan at that time, what he saw he didn't see and what he didn't see he saw.

05 July 2018

Back to Mars @ Why Vandalism Journal

here China is investing in Moon shots and Mars Voyages, except theirs are above, ours below the ground. Some take symbolically secret mole contacts in Burbank, but at BACK TO MARS INVEST MENTS you may Help Send This Book In Space. Its prospectus is available at any Search where the Oracles of  Almost Finished lead to You Better Get It Straight. Then Biting Through makes it Time To Invest.  Make certain!  "Moles, Oracles, Home Improvements" will bring big returns to your due diligence, which missives appeared in  the propulsion of Planet Three Into Space. Other Mars investments may also be subscribed, first at Mars Writing from the Machine Translation of Ovidejo Desuno and then, ultima lastia, in Part I of Document B of the CheesE Blocks.  Good luck with all your eidolias!

04 May 2018

Storm @ Silver Stork

Storm, detail from a larger acrylic, had a brief appearance at Subliminal Interiors before was taken over by China.

01 May 2018

All Beings in Distress @ New Ink Review Zambia

here We should gather all our answers to prayer in one. The glasses were in two. The whole beach wiped out. Just the side of one buried lens caught the sun. I saw it. E, You couldn’t see anything without them. After a while the kids found the rest of the frame and the other lens buried some distance off. No I don’t think you would have found the glasses. What prayer had to do with it was it enabled a belief they could be found, which seemed impossible, so we looked. So prayer enables you to look for the impossible, and faith is the will to believe the glasses can be found. All Beings in Distress comes with Talk posted on a Chicago bridge.

23 April 2018

Spontaneous Combustion @ Why Vandalism Journal 2018

The mythical races of Scarecrow Oz  like the flying horse and a dozen acronyms of Origin Recognition Complex prepare us for the flaming celebrants of these Oroplasts of lit.