Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

14 January 2020

Green Campaign @ Queen Mob's Teahouse

Delivered live during break at a tournament in Fresno then set to music. Its producer and I got away from the action to take coffee, walked through a long tunnel under a building, echoing and performing the whole way, that too on tape. He was filming a lot those days, just kept on while this piece was delivered entire. Slightly edited later. Here it is.

You'd think I was kidding with lines like We're gonna take over the Democratic party, we're gonna take over the world, and we're gonna do something that's never been done before, we're gonna have a new green earth! Put up on YouTube in March of 2008, the green campaign goes live in 2020 on Queen Mob's Teahouse, but the Demos have only come over lately. This appears back to back with The Secret Life of Democrats (11-14) that came out 6 Jan in Thrice, but written in 1985! Both absolutely mock everything about the crisis invented in the last years. Sorry about that. These now seem a parody of current news and analysis. Both written so far apart appearing so close together, that there is synchronicity! 

06 January 2020

The Secret Life of Democrats @ Thrice Fiction #27

The editor says rightly that writers of Thrice 27 avidly await its appearance! Here it is, full of good and provocative work. I am still amazed to find The Secret Life of Democrats appear. I found it abandoned in an old box, an 18 p. typescript from the typewriter age. Democrats walked into it of their own accord and DEMOCRASY was born. It is a takeoff on ninja turtles from living ten years among them. Bon Mots here within include that the original Democrats were assassins who became burglars, that
Preemie Democrats ply the lady with piteous looks and pleas for pomegranate, that it is not so long from planting a peach tree to the loss of your refrigerator, that if the apprentice goes uncaught until  age18 he is sent to college and law school so that Democrat society can be anti-discrimination where the victim is taken as the thief and the thief treated like the victim. These things of course are more easily observed today than in the turtle era. Here.

26 December 2019

Heaven's Man @ Penny Poetry Blog on Boxing Day

Here -Heaven's Man here  is a child, you can see that, the very first declension from the heaven back to which he will go. Psalm 8 tells all this and in so doing tells that praise , the praise of the child, that "leads them" will silence the enemy and avenger. This is the first order of business, praise and shutting the mouth of the enemy. Jesus the Blessed One did this a lot. So at some point the child confronts evil, so we will further down.

A poem is not an  argument we might say, until we realize that good poems in their celebrations are profound arguments. This poem, a sonnet, follows Isaiah, a little after the fact, who says, "behold I have engraved you on the palms of my hands" (49.16). The clearest part of that is the palm of the hand. We know what that is. Every time he looks at his hands he sees us. Engraving is also clear, indicating that we wouldn't come off.

Less clear is who he is and who we are are. and that's where Psalm 8 picks up the argument in asking, "what is man that thou art mindful of him." This seems like a rhetorical question, the answer being, man is that important because of this attention being given, which quality of attention might be likened to another statement of Isaiah, "I will take my rest, I will consider in my dwelling place as a clear heat upon herbs" (18.4). Evoking the rest after finishing the creation, anyone who has completed a sustained act of concentration knows something of.

What is man is easy, right? He is that being under such attack in the world to disestablish his authority on the grounds of its abuse, but that is not the notion in the psalm. To cut to the bottom line, we are not going to know any more about the man today than we did yesterday, so we might as well examine his record there, whatever it is,  but we don't do that here.

Who is the speaker though we'd like to know. Whose hands are these? We come up the same as with the man, or as those in the know say, "the case, what is the case, the world is all that is the case and which will only be understood by one who has already thought so, which purpose will be achieved if there is one such in the world, but everthing worthwhile of life and humanity is unspeakable. (Wittgenstein, Tractatus).

Heaven's Man does not engage these questions, it celebrates them and builds upon the certainty of their thought. Since in the beginning, meaning Genesis, the foundation of the earth was laid with His hands, being a metaphor for thought and creative force, and since the heavens are the works of these fingers, when man was given the dominion of the hands, since the fingers are part of the hand, not the hand a part of the fingers, the dominion of the hands becomes the universe of the heavens made man's.

 What is man? is still the focus of all spiritual force.  Psalm 8 reaches from the heaven, the moon and the stars that thou hast ordained, to put all that  under his feet. What is man that thou art mindful of him or the sons of men to be so greeting them? Creating heaven with a touch, his finger, God gave to man dominion of his hands. Another sense of All things under His feet develops in Psalm 2 to extend  to all the principalities and powers, all the rulers of darkness of this world as David says, made the footstool of this man, Messiah. As Yahweh said, My Eloah, Sit Thou on My right hand till I make Thine enemies Thy footstool (Luke. 20.42f). Who is the man?  When Yeshua says, I am in the Father, you are in me, and I am in you, and further, the Corinthians letter says, He has made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we may be made the righteousness of Yahweh in Him" -He is the man. Repeat, he is the man. "In Him" means his feet. Repeat, under his feet means under His feet. So all of these extreme characterizations of the man refer to Messiah. He is the man that makes the worlds tremble in their darkness as they try to convince themselves that "the world is everything and everything is the case" (Wittgenstein).

After enlisting in 1914 Wittgenstein wrote “now I have a chance to be a decent human being and stand eye to eye with death.” He bought the Gospels by Tolstoy on the Russian front,  always with him, “this world exists,’…but meaning does not lie in it but outside it…good and evil are connected with the meaning of the world…."  We address the problem of evil this way, that evil is a transfer of intelligence, that rejected changes nothing, but accepted changes everything, as the abundant of life changes adrift on the sea of America demonstrate, democrats who transferred intelligence for something greater, which was their own destruction. For example in cases of identity dissent of all trans-thought the offer is made of a spirit to trade one body for another, of course this is a blind because it is your spirit elicited, not another’s, and it is a disembodied presence, a voice that presents this as a possible option when ordinarily this would be considered impossible. This voice does not identify itself. It sounds authoritative but reasonable, much as Satan must have seemed in the garden. What is the purpose of transfer? Happily one doesn’t find out, but Adam did. The suggestion that the spirits of the two people would be transferred to each other, switched, is in the background. Again it is all naked speaking. Intelligence is the right word even if they don’t know it, since it is spirit engineered, all couched in the right circumstance of moonlight, acid, sex, nature or whatever goes, presented with the test to either accept or reject. For it apparently cannot be forced, it must be chosen. So if Eve had rejected the intelligence nothing would have happened and it would seem to her, as it does here to us, that a kind of hallucination of a beast spoke. If accepted, not consciously rejected, many if not must undergo life in a completely different mind/body. This is the silencing of the enemy and the avenger, who is a barker of thought in a circus. Psalm 91 refers to the temptation about throwing himself down from the height. His reply to this is from Deut. 6.1  indicates complete surrender to the protection and hand of the Father, but not an acknowledgment of the tempter's status or power. Not the least proud of his own status, he says, "It is Written." The next verse in Psalm 91 after the ploy that he should should throw himself down, for the angels shall bear thee up lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. The next says ...thou shalt tread upon the the lion and adder, trample the dragon under foot, but he does not mention it, even if Satan for sure is the dragon in front of him. The Lord makes no boast in himself but protects himself in the Word and the Name. And the very next statement is the one to know because it says--- because he loves me I will rescue him, so the enemy's spin of scripture only deepens its own predicament and our redemption.

--It goes against the indoctrination practices of Platonism that the allegorical method has been usurped by the doctrines of egregora thought forms in the west where now a 7 year old knows the words to no Christmas carols and several, 3?, members of a class of 8 three women went to med school only to be able to practice abortions. Lewis introduces the faun in the first chapter of Narnia. The world was not emptied of indwelling spirits, occult sympathies these were just stalking horses for their less benign forces. The old mythical imagination was not last, it was substituted with a wholly new with the same effects to unite us to the whole universe, “ the elements and all things sentient” (6) “to awake the sleeping sense of divine magic” (6). This egregore construct being “that the region between earth and moon is crowded with airy creatures who are capable of fertile unions with our own species” (10) to constust a “spiritual cosmology” of “the invisible population of the universe.’(11). Ministering angels, seducing devils, Dr. Dee, Pico, Paracelsus included “the possibility of an innocent traffic with the unseen and therefore of high magic.” (12). This becomes crucial added to what Pico says, “that Man has no specific nature at all but creates his own nature by  his acts.” (12) Pico says, “what habitation or countenance or office soever thou doest coose for thyself, the same thou shalt enjoye and possess at thine own proper will and election” ((13) which would allow all species of depravity such as enjoyed by pedos, hybrids and ritualists. A liscense of transhuman. These were the “dreams of power that haunted the European mind” (13) this is the effort to manufacture evil and good, the good is evil the evil is good.

We own the Democrites for so many striking cases of how a lie is not just an opposite of the truth but a multi layered perversion of it, stated boldly with no apology, and baldly, with no inkling of remorse. These many instances daily in congress, the news, and so many public entertainment figures, totally made up scurrilous *filtholy rages, show a level of deception in the face so we easily see it, hence give insight into  such statements as thou show not die, when that is exactly what they did, and, you shall be as gods, revealing not that we would know good, but that the fallen cannot know good, but only evil. The good and evil the gods know is evil. These lies slant and part parcel themselves as they enter the chains of belief that bind the populace. These are bound politically, socially and religiously, so that in religion of the Temptation when the lie was spoken about giving the kingdoms of the earth, the lie was that this voice had these to give. It was a lie religion continues to spread for none of this is ceded to evil despite all the proof texts its adherents muster. The tempter has no power except what is given it by the victim. None of its lies are true, all its lies are false.

Some people are gifted with the future, others have to attain it. Wittgenstein paid his price for his life in his headaches and imprisonments, exchanged for Bertrand Russell’s patronage, which when bad. But he met the apriori of the case when he said the world is everything. She loves to hear it. This was just a fraud complete enough to be given to Puff Graham that Randolph Hearst got, except Hearst was Russell to Billy's Ludwig. Think of them all together in the life singing, I love the world, I *lvoe the world, their speech breaking down in incomprehensibility. We  better ask though, what is the world to W? Whatever the world was when it was made, it became the man's tombstone, and that is why to be decent Wittgenstein says he must stand eye to eye with death.

What is the world?

There is no special meaning to the word, world, in W's text, .Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.
But to speak of what we do here, and continue, is to him to speak "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." We are not silent. We speak the unspeakable that hereto quietus made.

W had been more true to himself had he said the world is not the case for the world is language, but had he so said the whole world would have blown with the wind away. The language atoms have no picture nor meaning but exist just there where I cannot see them the way I see the chair, but I see them anyway, not with eyes, but with some faculty which I transcribe so that it enters into the same universe as the language of facts and chairs, but it is not language as we know it, for properly this language transcribed will implode, explode, skerry about its letters and syntax and logic—which will be objected to by the world which wants its Welt, the big Welt, to be everything and everything the case, thereby insisting we both miss the thing seen and its representation in words and worlds, for this can only come by the word made flesh, the one who dwells among us of grace and truth, the one who will make you a Son. That man is the man spoken of, the Son. But who can judge the world who does not know the world, or who can judge civilization who has not lived in and understood its adherents are its greatest detractors, who fight to favor civilization over anarchy they say, as if Hegel was the world.  But it is not either/or, or both/and, it is neither/neither/none for world civilization. It is a counterfeit which if revealed and acted on would destroy the world, and we think it knows it. W. is a good example. The world is everything, and we can only speak of the known, but he also says that everything worthwhile  of life and humanity is unspokeable, spoken of it in Psalm 8.

His feet are our feet in order that our feet may become his. Besides the Substitution all discussion of the Savior's relation with angels also comes into play, for to which of the angels did he say, sit thou here till I make Thine enemies Thy footstool? None, as the Hebrews letter writer proceeds, but it shows the background of the war in the heavens which rebellion Paradise Lost traces to the Father's proclamation: Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee! This is of course is why angels long to look into these things (I Pet 1.12). This Word also is the center round which the earth revolves in the redemption of the man. When it says He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, whether foundation is prior to creation or before katabole, more can be explored at All Things Under His Feet.
"Out of the mouth of babes You have ordained strength because of thine enemies that Thou might still the enemy and the avenger!

Since the child's praise, full of faith, silences the accuser, further emphasis of this is given by Yeshua who is so careful to guard the children.