Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

25 March 2008

Under Ben Bulben

There are two "versions " of Yeat's afterlife in this poem about his poem, a homage and a love, two shapes of one. We who have visited Wordsworth and Sterne and Swift stand with arms behind our backs HERE .

HERE is another look. Does the gyre run on? You have faith for that? Whether Yeats lived more than one, its simulacrums were virtuous or its cartoons, if you want another life you need a son.

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  1. Attendance is 99% of the game.The sun will come up tomorrow,bet your bottom dollar.Yeats didn't go to school.