Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

20 May 2016

Leviathan Gigantic

This continues the series of spoofs on the philosophers. Here the English Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) sucks his Sovereign's tit, preceded by the master-slave rhetoric of the German Hegel, (1770-1831), two of the many dispensable enlightened minds that make the akademe the unacknowledged legislator of the worlds. Except that it was rejected!

13 April 2016

Space Alien Politics - Phil Schneider In Country @ Red Fez


General MacArthur states the fear at the outset that the last paragraph flings back in the fgov face to show our contempt. Contempt because while they may think they're coming in, they're not, they're going out. The pic here represents Schneider rappelling down into the Archuleta in that last paragraph, taken from Andrew's Halloween costume of two years ago. Other popular Tales of Modern Science are Alters in the Monarch Lineup,  The Enthronement of ISIS.   The Experiment on Walter Bowart and Oops Cycorp Oracle AI.

02 April 2016

Global Warning

This is a yoke as they like to say among the soft j and egg mind crowd. The putative dog groomer here is instead grooming his sculptures for the next show. Weimar Republic has and will receive ample development in the coming New America. It got into the Kurk Wold miniseries, we're proud of that. And hope to see it in the next AZ Clay show coming, but even at that, RED Fex honked for it. Civilization Redefined, next to Weimar, is so new it hasn't been fired, so probably a good talking to helped. This Redefinition is about to be Disclosed. That's a pun too. Quechua Man was at the Herberger Theater Gallery I think. I suppose he represents the primitive in this trilogy, the primitive in this grapefruit trilogy.  Global Warming

21 March 2016

Autopsy of Scalia's Hat @ Sein und Werden

Beneath the concept of martyrdom to the state and symbolic disappearances of investigative reporting, cover your ears, put a pillow on the head of events, none being true, but sworn by all parties in the non news of Destruktion, deconstruction of every metaphysic--morality to sanction murder with a clear conscience --which defamiliar ization of reality, dissolution of public order 
and myth-collapse here

Many ghost tales of Scalia's Death are appealing, none so much as the sequel coincident with the Pope in Nogales calling Trump unChristian and Obama flying to LA by way of Presidio, reported in the Hat. Pope Francis had met with Russian Orthodox Primate Kirill in Cuba immediately prior to Scalia's death, the first meeting of these religions in a thousand years. It sounds impossible, but the Primate went immediately from there to Antarctica, the purpose being to ritually read a secret Vatican manuscript in Antarctica over an artifact discovered 25 September 2015 under the Grand Mosque of Mecca, called a plasma weapon. Patriarch Kirill had been contacted in Moscow by representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia because when they discovered the Ark of Gabriel that September they needed a manuscript Kirill had in his possession “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad” which presumably enabled them to transport it. Even more mysterious, this transport was done aboard aboard a fleet of Russian ships ordered by President Putin. What!? Note that Russia occupied Syria 30 Sept 2016 and exited 14 March 2016.

These matters tie into CERN, Fukushima and other topics of the research of Kurk Wold at Tales of World Science, a book in itself, Roo-Horse Predictive Programming, Angel Ex Cathedra, Faith of the Rebel Angels, Nephilim Handbook, Saturn, the Golden Age and Men of Renown, Days of Weimar, Project Blue Beam are all recent additions there.

Reagan quoted Daniel Webster at Scalia's swearing-in to the effect, "Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."

09 December 2015

Soul Spinning @ Gobbet Mag Experimental Word Stuffs

I had been jacked out of a childhood of oil rigs and fires and train wrecks among strip mined hills, and all the social situations that might imply from the age of five, into an all new circumstance where this elegiac ground of being sank to the marrow. Came right down out the sky and settled on my shoulders. That was the first vision in the outer world. I did not open my eyes to others. I saved opening until the moment prepared the Blessed and only eternal man, Yeshuha Messiah. People shake heads at the idea of the only true man who have not felt

17 November 2015

14 November 2015

Once Like A Light @ The Penny Blog

Once Like A Light was written at the time of the earliest appearances in Gargoyle. Parts of it became phrases of public discourse, "over them I saw terror advancing," "fear from the south, destruction from the north."

13 October 2015

Satan at the Super Collider @ Red Fez

Image result for cernhere  Dante's vision of Satan boring a wormhole in Earth's crust was labeled  nonfiction because it doesn't appear fictional if CERN is the main character with rituals to unleash nephilim. We all have foibles. CERN might be flipped, split in two with a 10.0 earthquake. Bodies infected with geoengineered nano particles or evidence that much of the solar system was devastated in the katabole is or is not Solzhenitsyn-like romance before the fact. I settle for the memory of the king of Babylon 
whose pomp is brought down to the grave. 
The noise of viols, the worm spread under him, 
the worms covering him.
 And also of the king of Tyre, 
 a fire from within him devours he who is brought to ashes in the sight of all.
Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28. 
Another note, these worms are like the subterres that slice through rock like a nuclear powered 2000 degree Fahrenheit earthworm. Unfortunately the links are not live in the published version so you can see them in the supplement here.

The eight axes in a cross section of CERN intend to break the dimensions separating worlds. The image links to one offered in Alien Sky 55.11 which further study connects the relation of the reconstruction of the golden age of Saturn with CERN as an idea of Anthony Patch (CERN Conspiracy, Canary Cry Radio, Youtube, 10/2/15, 39.15f) that depends first on what is called the Golden Age of the Thunderbolts Project I. That is before the planets of our solar system assumed the orbits they now attain. Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn in this theory were in such a line that Saturn blocked the sun, except for solar crescents that formed on its quadrants. CERN is said to seek to reform the strong electrical bond between the planets that existed then. How the golden age was Kataboled, or disrupted, is not a part of the hypothesis, but is touched on below.
It is mighty unbelievable unless you build pathways in your brain to sustain it with various points of recognition. You must be able to sustain the difference between real and fictional (speculative) pathways in this. Patch compares the physics of the Nazi Bell, the North and South poles of Saturn and CERN in  the electrical reconnection of earth with the south pole of Saturn using a plasma conduit. A spiral (aureole) at the South pole of Saturn is supposed generated by the supposed synchrotron particle accelerator at the North pole,  naturally occurring, with a hexagonal shape. Two oppositely moving clouds of energy contained in the hexagon similar to the movement of red mercury in the Nazi bell, spin in opposite directions. The large Hadron Collider, (again) like the massive synchrotron accelerator  the North pole of Saturn that connects through the gaseous body of Saturn to the south pole. The electric plasma takes the form of a helical shape that looks like DNA. Thus the secret mission of  CERN is to connect the helical plasma conduit between the north and south poles of Saturn CERN with the large Hadron collider in order to reconnect Saturn and earth in the same fashion that existed during the golden age. What do you think you can do about that? Throw up your hands and say woe is me? Let me just say it's like the little guy with the doll puppy who comes into the meeting to sell toys, we should say he thinks he's coming in, but listen to what he gets to hear: "you may think you're coming in, but you're not, you're going out."

15 September 2015

Praise Jars @ Buffalo Almanack

Ceramic Canvas
Five appear in Buffalo Almanack #9, here, the first, Ceramic Canvas on the cover, the others selected from about twenty,  may be considered Praise Jars, including Boots, a closeup from Flower Guys, an Orchidaceae, and Theodore's Water Jar! The world is before us, but the praise remains after.

11 September 2015

Revelation 9/11

Revelation 9/11
How 9/11 was a trial of myth making involving the U.S congress and its leaders hid a deeper and more profound identification with The Book of Revelation, Chapter 9, verse 11 which is way more unbelievable.

07 September 2015


The opportunity to prepare a ms. brought this about. Since the deadline has been met a preview of Portal has been put up at Issuu.

23 July 2015

Remember the Ice Giants?

The Wabanaki believed and Gluskap practiced that even the Ice Giants can be invited in, called daughter, son, grandfather, mother, fed and clothed and made human as kin. So it was a remedy for broken families. Links to the two reviews below pursue this line of thinking along with much that is irrelevant. But no matter. If it is good for the people of the Kennebec it can be good for the people of the Salt, to cure that monstrous anti-social tendency and turn ignorance and horrific mistakes into compassionate knowledge, to make out of control agencies and behavior modification "potential occasions of rectification by reorientation toward the well-being of others" (Kin, 79). Inviting the lost, fragmented, rejected and rejecting spirit into the family, honoring him, her or it with family titles, father, father-in-law, comforting them, clothing and reclothing them, feeding them real food, which means the food of the soul so they do not have to eat the hearts of the enemies, giving them children to play with, brings them back from their cold into the warmth of the hearth, home and kin. The Wabanaki were much like ourselves, "extreme religious individualists lacking any communal rituals beyond the attenuated practices of isolated shamans [read, journalists] (81). But they had this one advantage, Gluskap taught magnanimity as the primary ethical principle.

11 May 2015

Bus Stop, Flower from Rock, Volcano I and II @ AZ Clay WHAM and Shemer

Flower from Rock
Two openings this week; I have Bus Stop: AZ Clay at WHAM galleries, and Flower from Rock, Force of Nature at Shemer. Pat has two carbonized fire pots, balls fired molten, I and II, at WHAM, the volcano spewing its ash down the side of the mount, some lava dried in black massy streaks, other still alive, steaming.  Different characters in various states of relaxation lounge in Bus Stop. Whatever it would look like as a canvas, the slouching and curves are magnified in the round. One pic doesn't get it. What I see for the most part is that art rules, each medium with its own well founded, not set out to be broken, but to push the clay to where it would break, as here one section of the lamination arches out from the form, bowed in the firing so daylight appears between its cracks. Holes, caverns, splits and cracks, even before the firing, the piece stretched to its limit attracted this process, which is the same with words, if less obvious, as above, where streams was the word intended, but steams got written and kept as superior. Click to big.

02 April 2015

Mennonites, Muslims and Martyrdom @ Camel Saloon Gallery

This installment for the  current Blood Moon eclipse #3, April 4, Mennonites, Muslims and Martyrdom is made timely by the Camel Saloon again, here. Blood Moon #1 was last April here and Isis At the Gates, Blood Moon #2, last Oct 14 was here. Mennonites appeared first in elimae to whose editor grateful acknowledgment is made.

"Let us call them Mennonites and Muslims, lack of self defense and counter offense, who think the knock at the door, the firing gun, the sirens are for them, who pray at start of day, before they plow a field or eat a meal. They pray on the way to market and mosque that they may live or die. They pray past the hospital up the way to school. Hospitals, markets are full of victims, fuller than prisons. When American reporters honk their horns they get out their prayers."

03 December 2014

Matching Funds, Spiritual Rats, Saurian Limousine @ Festival Writer

I'm glad to be associated with this publication of many interesting writers and original work. Scroll the authors and take a look. Spiritual Rats is a sequel to A Trip to the Heavenlies that was in elimae. Gold rats were a reparation here. Kafka says in Amerika that Karl Rossman "gave a few side kicks to flatten a rat...but merely succeeded in driving it more quickly into its hole, for though he had very long legs they nonetheless weighed him down." (Harman, 10). His diary entry in 1911 says, "I was so incoherent this morning, I felt nothing but my forehead...would simply have curled up on the cement floor of the corridor...but my body is too long for its weakness" (Tremendous World, 30).  Matching Funds is a retake of Invisible Giants in Dream People. Saurian Limousine survives E's sandbox, age 7, and the particulates that built the Red Mountain Freeway. here

02 December 2014

Magical Thinking @ Unlikely Stories: Episode IV

Think like yer neighbor. Be safe. What do you do when the tow truck stops at your door? You think it is an ice cream truck. A coping mechanism out of psychopathy and wisdom of crowd thinking, first, pretend nothing is happening, then invent substitutes for what you refuse to conceive, which you cannot let pass your lips. Be a fairy princess not a wounded soul. The drug of choice is fantasy, fueled by mj and all her cousins. Kafka spelled it Amerika in Deceiving the Fact. In Ameryca, Autobiography of a Poem I discriminate the y from the i. A vicious piece on Bowden in Unlikely was indexed here Magical Thinking here

30 November 2014

Wonderland Soup @ FishFood Mag

Wonderland Soup  seemed a natural to send to FishFood Mag, and so it was. One of five songs, monologues and comic interviews produced from the ranch days when E was 2 and after, including the yet dormant Paving Over Nature with Jimmy Repeat,  culminating in 15 or 20 sound files of children's tales. A written version of one of these went up at Jack in 2008 as Elsie Marley, The Cat on Cuthbert's Head. To take advantage of the moment and inventory, there was also a privately issued Stories (1986) with Hungry Mole, Three Little Pigs, Tiddlywink and the Manhole Covers, Pussley the Cat, Pussley on the Moon, The Big Bad Mouse, Little Johnny Jump Up, Troglodyte the Tree and Fluffy Little Cloud.
A Whale Tale of Dolphy, The New Earth of Char Beamish, Cloud Boy and The Adventures of People and Heater, with hand printed drawings and covers were produced with collage covers, c. 1993-95, and issued in coloring books in various states. Bardy the Apple Boy, Titanic Wish Fish, were transcribed in the notebooks (written at the same time as Palooka's Antidotes on Tannenbaum and Ayn Hacksharp), but Dad Wa Hale, Ptchow, Cornstalks, Naming Baby Reign, White Canada Goose, Cluck Duck, A Book on a Bookshelf, Three Dolphins, Big Bad Shark, Dolphin Song, Trod the Tree, The Heavenly Pond, A Picture and a Lamp, How They Were Born persist only on tape kept in the top drawer of that Berks County chest already old when given to Grandmother Anna centuries ago. So there is a lot left to produce in the ten years I promised to publish, beginning June '05 and only six months left. The New Earth of Char Beamish was performed in 1997 for Miss Rindels' first grade class. Each student got a photocopy (32p) of the original. Cosmist Checks Terran went up at Antipodean SF, Issue 167, which text now exists at Pandora, Australia's Web Archive, the audio on SoundCloud, aside from usual MP3 piracies.

17 November 2014

Three Big OOks

Danse Macabre,
issues XXI - LV, will forever depart the ether on 30 Apr 2012.

Microsoft is unilaterally exorcising its OfficeLive platform on that date. In toto.
If you have not yet backed up your published submission(s) to us,
you must do so before the 30th of this month.

{An Indice officiel is forthcoming at our new home,
wherein your work can be referenced by agents, editors,
faculty covens, and other interested parties.}

AE Reiff
Three Big Ooks
Once upon a time there were three big Ooks that lived in a house in Dubity. Turk Ook was the Papafather, Mama Ook was the Mama mother, and SueLit Ook was the baby who looked like her dad. Each Ook took a bowl of sausage for breakfast. There were ginger snaps stuck in the side.  If you didn’t count the chickens or the occasional gaseous emissions they were quiet Ooks, excluding a belch, the first sign.

Mama belched to Turk about his 800 pounds. When he and Sue walked in the park their footprints filled with water and drowned little dogs who were in the park to go PupPote. She defended PupPote, the proverbial dismemberment Pups cause. It was necessary for Mama’s plate, called eeing. Pups eat off Dame’s floor, which is nothing to her since she eats all Ooks and Pups who are slaughtered and served up as remains. There are no special meanings to Remains, PupPote, Park, Ook, etc. It’s a lot to feed an Ook to an Ook. Ooks are like big books. She was the Ook of fame. Turk was feeding Sue to Dame! It boggles the mind that Turk the publisher fed and then was eaten. 

The second sign of the Ook is passionate desire. Ma Ook, Dame Belcher or Guapa Pop, she has a lot of names, ate both SueLit and her dad. He had retired from publishing by then to write fairy tale, an 800 pound Ook with a 600 pound Ooklet, Turk married the Guapa Mama for Ook amour. She was his second Ook.

Were you Turk you longed to ook. Were you Dame you longed to ook, although the sense is different, as if a pasty. Little dog PupPotes long to be best sellers in Ook. In this rubble it wasn’t just breakfast they cooked, but lunch pasties, Ham on Rye, and dinner with TV and appliance. Modem in the left, forkem in the right, dinner was never so ooked.

So whatdaya eat when you eat an Ook, broadside big as ham, clerihews, anthologized stew? It’s all a cure what ails. Indigest? Drink milk in your poem. Sleep aid? Hunger? Roast PupPotem in your home. SueLit is a beauty cure. What doesn’t Sue Ook cure? She’s that grape of the huge alone. Had you the bone then the world would be one! One peace, one world, one home! Susan! But where has she gone? That’s what we’re here to show.


The secret came out when a goat tied to Dame Ook’s bumper blabbed. Billy, with his Nanny and their kid went abba daba dab on the bumper. The Dame kept PupPotes too in the back seat. There were little Schnauzers, a Pomeranian, and a Pifawa paperback. Never in the metaverse has this been solved.

To sum up, Mama Ook in a gingerbread house with smoke coming out the top fattened up Turk for the kill. That smoke is the third sign of Ook. When Turk went up it was as big a loss to little dogs as to big Ooks, Turk being the source of all their food. Why would Dame fatten and kill what made her live? On the other hand Mrs. Ook hungered. So she ate some PupPote.

In their warning about Ooks, Ookem!,  the goats had said that these things were indigestible. Everyone knows now the mess, the gravy, meat balls on the wall. The beauty of Ookistry is that these tales about Turk and Sue Ook will bring them back.

AE Reiff
sculpts fictions, animals and people. Sometimes the sculptures precede the stories, It’s all about patterns clay makes that the brain recognizes. He conducts investigations into the leftist beliefs of Pennsylvania Dutch sects of 18th century Pennsylvania, has twice been a PopTart nominee, sent poems into space in digital bottles (something the lot of us know a little something about), and is generally a surfactant package of biomediated accelerators to feed hydrocarbon degradation. All is indexed at the site Encouragements for Planting. Current ceramic sculptures at Animal Wilderness and examination of the causes of biological extinction at Human Botany Review

AE Reiff
New Jargon Horrors of the Obesity Wars

Jargon Psmith derived new art, new species and a new organ in a day. This species, called Psmith, was an anti-diuretic nerd. It grew a carapace to protect its inner parts. Then it overate. Squeezed by this carapace the parts ballooned out. Afraid it would go pop, Psmith took anti-diuretic meds to shrink it back. So Psmith reinvented itself, but shrinking had unintended consequence. It’s was like turning in a bottle of pop at the store. Heightened exposures produced a noir. What’d ye think? Pushee down, pushee back.

New Jargon had hands full of specie and art. Things you cannot dream. Gene sculpted! But it took more uresis than Psmith thought, which engendered The Horrors of the Dessiccate. Perhaps you read it. Flakes of acid crystal lodged in Psmith’s brain.

We admire how urinary speech transformed Psmith’s kidney to a brain. We’ll be digesting that kidney with the gut when Psmith brings up more.

 AE Reiff
sculpts fictions, animals and people. Sometimes the sculptures precede the stories. It’s all about patterns clay makes that the brain recognizes. He conducts investigations in leftist beliefs of the Pennsylvania Dutch, was twice a PopTart nominee, sent poems into space in digital bottles, and is useful as a surfactant package to biomediate hydrocarbon. But you already know this. Indexed at Encouragements for Planting. Current ceramic sculptures at Animal Wilderness, examination of biological extinction at Human Botany Review.

11 November 2014

The Lime Rat Probe @ Smashed Cat

The Lime Rat Probe is up folks. If you have worried about infiltrations, hidden cells, secret underground passages, then this Prod's for you. Keep reading. "First. Thousands of prod cells are undetected at the macro mart. To call them cells is inaccurate in the plural. Just one prod makes a cell..." here

14 October 2014

ISIS at the Gates @ Camel Saloon Gallery

What's the difference between a caliphate, a supreme religious political empire on earth and Rome, or Babylon or England, except what side you're on?  When the caliphate of ISIS took the appearance of Ishtar at the Obama acceptance speech in Denver 2008 wasn't that its invitation to immigrate to America, an invitation given without consulting all the parties. Provocateurs! Who was advising Obama that day? Now open at the Camel Saloon Gallery  here

08 October 2014

Concepts of the Subfornical @ NDF9

 NDF9 has indeed appeared, which contains one of those unpublishable items from the foggy science of Orc Hox Codes. In the time far past, when the head had not been made secondary to the vertebrate as is now the case, at the bottom of its cup of Orcs, the Oracles in short that have plagued our society from the start turned science upside down. If this seems just another pharyngeal twist, for these creatures speak the opposite of what they mean, here comes the editor begging strangely,  "I'm quite taken with the first of these pieces, "Concepts of the Subfornical," and would like to run it in NDF9. Very strange and striking." The whole catalog of Orc writing is available so we should warn, confected from anthropology this may not be the sole. We grind the bottom of that Shabazz. here

03 October 2014

Ship @ Herberger Theater Center. The Ways of Water.

Sold at the Opening.
Aeyrie and Shawna Reiff are also in this show with lovely work. here

13 September 2014

Oracle @ Red Fez

The machine of war in three worlds: apocalypse heaven, earth and hell. Choose at least one. That’s what you get when their knees are tight on your arms and they hold you down, while Chomsky thinks its Hitler from the right with the forces marching, left, right, left, right. It's not Hitler coming, or Weimar just back from the Danube,  Marlene Dietrich singing, hyperinflation, Balkanization. It's four "angels" loosed from the Euphrates.  Here

10 September 2014

Doll Maker @ Cobalt Review

 The illustration of dolls at Lasty's Doll Shop comes from pastels E left lying about the floor. Lasty found the dolls along the canal, a whole pile nobody wanted, covered with mud and oil, which washed and repaired were given away. Cobalt Issue 12, pdf, 39-48, here

24 August 2014

Futhark Flowing Republish

'Holy crap! Futhark Flowing, please!" Ronnie said in his Australian praise of this for the 2010 Lifted Brow #7, currently Lifted Brow Digital, which was also in Garbanzo Two: "our love for the imagery in Dream Song, and Futhark Flowing, "Little nests of poems concealed in rock falls among the vertical cliffs...." Lifted Brow 7, $20, digital for $2.49, Garbanzo Two, $20, fited after a fashion from Norway North of 65, a presentation copy signed by all the mayors of north Norway to JFK's Norway Ambassador, Clifton R. Wharton, July 1962. This is a memoir of Andrew's childhood, Dream Song is of Aeyrie's Hill Country.  here.

23 July 2014

The Sixth Landing @ Gobbet

This is apparently one of a series of stories, meditations, inquiries into some group of putative colonists who suffer ravages that would naturally extend to them were a post modern aesthetic taken seriously, that is, it leads to conspiracy theory of every kind, of which they would be the sufferers.
We're talking Sixth Extinction. The trip is going fast. Only one nap, one sleep to get it down. We do our best and file for the next. Open your ears, but bring back the photos.  Here’s the link for the Sixth Seal opening so far.  Angels Bound for the Euphrates! We’ll plan for Sunday! The editor called it sterling material, but  the illustrator said, impressed...Interesting and inspiring text! Bless. Sign in here. Take to sleep what you see.

04 July 2014

Nightingale @ Ygdrasil

Nightingale is a comedic love poem about Persephone in 43 Spenserian stanzas. That makes 387 lines. Emphasize comedy. Klaus Gerken, the editor, issued this and Banquet of God, opposite the free forms that break tradition also at Gone Lawn, Ai-ai-oo-oo and Jingle Bell Wok. Nowadays it breaks tradition to confirm tradition.This appearance in the oldest internet magazine (1994) was written as an interlude while writing Restorations of the Golden Age. In the frequent demise of mags Ygdrasil is not only the longest lived and first (since 1994) but is permanently archived by The Library and Archives of Canada.

13 April 2014

Opiomes the Domes @ Red Fez

In countdowns at the Vatican,  5, 4, 3, 2, 1, where this painting hangs, and angels grind out Camilian Demetrescue's cardinal cross wheel of fortune, Queen and Pope take cosmic embrace in Abbraccio cosmico state-church. Dignitaries be warned - this event cauled, some say the Sixth Seal, but many say too soon. Below the cosmos a Vatican Council ritual greeting cannot be else could Hugo Chavez come out a hero? You don't want to know. If you did you'd already be Counting. Blood Moon and Opiomes miniaturize for consumption these OPIOMES @ Scribd and Issuu. Get a hard copy!  Opiomes le Domes.