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05 August 2017

The Bright Extensive Will @ Penny Poetry Blog

White Horse
Here  We have to have the words to save our lives, for they are our refuge and strength, the Word and the Name we hold on to write over in large letters until the Bright Extensive Will is so strong in us that it out shines the sun. That and the Word Made Flesh that dwells upon us. Then we hear the word written in Earth's center, then all the earth finds peace, a peace blind in all its beams that enters creation, even this poem written 48 years ago, long before the ever completing internet concordance of the language was borning, and even if all these years later the words still fresh and dwell among us, full of grace and truth, have no repeat. It doesn't sound right that there are no results in English for the phrase "The BRIGHT EXTENSIVE WILL" or for "the word written in earth's center." These sound like phrases that should be prominent in the lexicon. "The matter of its making" has some resemblance with the title by Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker, but they don't occur anywhere. The reference to " Sons of Elohim who bow from out the sky" occurs nowhere at all! Likewise "concentrated and blind in all their beams," enter creation.

 Instead of thinking these phrases original, since this concordance enables us to search whenever phrases are original, it is more likely there has been a skew in search results with a dementia of  memory, so our reality has been tampering with as a Mandela effect, D Wave quantum computer,  CERN. As if all that were left of language were bastardizations when searches yield Will Smith for The Bright Extensive Will, and not the great ecliptic and beyond. These things are so. Paramount words of Peace are not in the lexicon, people are not putting their hopes on them, that earth all surface, sky and core should find peace.  There is no result for the search come into the body which begs for understanding more and more.

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