Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

01 September 2011


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Guapa Susan, elimae, February 2006, backup here

As far as confessions go I first began to look at ooks the day after we had moved to Bing bink and the two neighbors came over to holler. There was no fence then. They had to squat to pass under the lemon tree and ended up sitting on the berm used to enclose the flood. In those days the whole street and most yeards were flooded by waters to enable the citrus. The spectacle was amazing because they were precursors of the bonk bonkedly bonks now common twenty five years later in ever store. But then they were rare, so rare that when the first drafts of the Ooks came out and went to the new Times they didn't make it and only appeared by accident after one Coop Renner cut the head off the body to put it in that ten year anniversary issue. He said it could always be reattached with the body and sent around again. Round again, round again the Ooks have gone, accreting to themselves all manner of Pop, realized in that wonderful title The Dame of Gluapa Pop, though the head went out as Guapa Susan. So Susan was the epitome of Pop and her father Turk became the perveyeroi of Pop, hence its publisher. But neither of them was as large as the putative stepmother, Dame Damer. The whole family begged to be called Myth, ans so it went, but in fact there was no Turk. The two ladies lived alone, and besides Jane was the mother and Susan was the daughter. They inhabited the Globe, meaning it was their kind of summer home.

For background consider Massimo Giacon: The Pop Will Eat Himself 
Pop Surreal (Gary Baseman and Mark Ryden interviews) "mutants ceramics for the X-Men of everydays...Pop, seen as an evil and without conscience entity, very different from pop art of Warhol! In fact, this terrible and apocalyptic look of my ceramics is well caught by E. L. Francalanci in his preface to the exhibition...." See also Popism, Andy Warhol, "the inside and put it outside, took the outside and put it inside." Do you know what it would mean to display the inside out? OOk.

Consider: Chas Bonnet Syndrome
have vivid, complex recurrent visual hallucinations (fictive visual percepts). One characteristic of these hallucinations is that they usually are "lilliputian" (hallucinations in which the characters or objects are smaller than normal). The most common hallucination is of faces or cartoons

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