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10 June 2017

Kings of the Pentagon @ Emanations Anthology VI

Good news, there is actual good writing in this volume. Still reading but a number of instances already. Kings is a capsule portrait of America 2017, but written 5 years ago when trash giants thought the missing head could supply the brain. Kurk Wold is here and the cello that fell from Van Gogh's head. Kings compression is like a long poem but its satire is fictional. Last paragraph: "These things the first three kings of Pentagon fought for eighteen years. They produced the Five Disasters called the freedom wars. Clanton, Bushinski and Le Bommb, with still one to come. Popular calamities burned a new Reichstag in the brain. No one Disaster was as detailed as that given Van Gogh's head, reconstituted at gunpoint, brought up to date. His brain's color shift produced the yellow period, haloes around lights.  Xanthopsia propaganda fooled our seizures to create mass mind more beautiful and soft than any moth / With burring furred antennae feeling its huge path." That was in Weimar''s Childhood End.  New gravities from old escaped the master past. Tristes presentimientos. We escaped, took flight."

Edited by Carter Kaplan, an anthology dedicated to the art of ecstasy: Amazon.  Emanations Anthology VI: I Am Not A Number, Kings of the Pentagon 91f.

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