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22 October 2009

Pancake Syntazz @ Vulcan

"The good was evil the evil was good,
The boy in the hood,
The cow and its could,
Dead meat of food.
Is a burger spiritual outside the meat?
To such uses high mind is put.
Hunt a really good spiritual burger.
Smell a cockcrow bourger.
No chicken patty slice of pungent air,
A burger that will satisfy
till alchemy dawn sprinkles gobbets of sun,
A brink of a burger in spiritual pawn.
A bourgner, burgher, burfger, buffgeefer meat.
I told you spirit worlds ruin the physical!"

Vulcan was another most worthwhile effort. It first appeared in print and on Issuu but both are gone now so the backup of O Pancake Syntazz (66-71) is here.
However it once appeared on Yumpu!

[This image, Serenity, by Pek Thong, is the negative of the positive at Deviant Art.
For similar content see maybe This Meing, Mooing, Mewingmuling Song.  

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