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08 April 2013

Angel Standing In the Sun @ Awhile Journal

May 2014. Good news. The Angel Standing in the Sun was back up. Here.
This domain had expired and pended delete. It was hacked, pirated, repossessed, exceeded, expired again, and now returned! It has appeared and reappeared and is now gone again. At least two efforts were made to put it to music, the latest still exists in tapes of the archives. It is also up at Expired Archives.

Angel Standing In the Sun 

It came about a Sun all burning bright 

had showered gold into the heart of  man,
as Clouds transparent sprung with golden light
like Wings of angel’s gold through blood then ran.

And shining out in glory still like light
a being light-radiant of golden man,
whose living passion like a Redding sun,
with bright and fragrant flames of gold had run.

To you in whom all gold has been perfected,
First Begotten of the fire and flood,
My heart is raised to your sole light protected
Blaze there thou Dayman in the fiery blood.

My thought is ever sprung from one desire,
That please you to burn sole within this fire.


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