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02 May 2013

Training Hege @ Cafe Irreal

Sin against Synthesis is the great trespass against manipulation of the unconscious. That plug in the World brain of connected social networks is the commerce and e-state of accountability to the world. Everyone (with GPS phones) can be tracked to a nearness of thirty feet. In the n-passive mind of the wisdom of crowds, where the village raises its pot-child, mind meld, Zarg, Childhood's End, the unconscious is run by the chief mechanism of NLP and covert hypnosis, rapport! This marks the end of science fiction. Coincident with this piece, NLP, rapport, embedded command stuff of Milton Erikson, the first covert Hypnotist, lives in the neighborhood! What does it mean to be human? Browart calls the hypnotic the essence of world-synthesis control. Pot is that tool of synthesis. Social pressure determines whether Line A is longer than Line B. Subjects will administer escalating electric shocks to one another, to the point of apparent heart attack, simply because a voice asked them to (Daniel Brandt).  "Using either lights or microwave or electro-magnetic energy, you can also make them pass out; cause them to behave strangely, put them into shock, make them hear voices or kill them" (Vallee).  The Archaeometry of Control makes ready for the Coming Snake here, the Trick or Treat From Space here, but "No results found for 'sin against synthesis" here (Active mind controls may however be found at Macro Alters in the Monarch Lineup here).  Training Hege, here

Smoke pot to thwart big business! Smoke big biz to thwart pot! Law of excluded middle.

Farrell]--On the use of Hegelian Dialectics. "Accordingly, the dialectic process doesn’t happen on its own so it often has to be forced into happening: the idea is that each idea (“ism”) called a “thesis”, like say Capitalism, naturally by definition has an opposite, an “antithesis”. In Capitalism the antithesis is Communism. The conflict between the two produces a synthesis. By controlling both ends of the conflict, one controls the end product, the synthesis. More than not, the One-World-Power can be seen working behind both sides of many conflicts in the theses. Indeed, the Secret Societies have been argued to be behind all the revolutions and wars in Modern Europe since the American Revolution. In religious conflict, both sides are being manipulated. Some of the various groups openly admit their strategy is designed to create a synthesis."

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