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04 May 2013

Banquet of God @ Ygdrasil

Rapture in Progress
7 Feb 15: A man is only a man if he is in conflict with evil and devoted in humility to his faith. Confronted with the devastation he had caused the Jordanian pilot did not fall to his knees in acknowledgment, proving himself morally dead. I sent a copy of the Isis vid to my brother because I believe he has an inherent disgust at the spiritual decay of this civilization, even if he partakes of it. I hear this decay every day where I train, in the mouths of the men, many elder, who mouth vulgarities, boast their inebriation, mock women and are obese of mind and heart. The conflict of Muslim austerity with this worldliness, sexuality, mind control and consumption, the solo call to prayer in a single human voice vs. the cacophony of noise in every American media shows the rottenness of the European west, which demands that everyone bow to its right to exist but respects no one but itself and its own belief in freedom of expression, ie. in sodom, child murder, drugs, and lust. When a fruit falls from its tree it lies in rottenness, food for wasps who feed off its sweet decaying flesh. It is the vision of the birds of Ezekiel 39.17f, a version of which appeared in the 20th anniversary of Ygdrasil, the Banquet of God

Written late 70's in Austin in an efflorescence that included Taliesin, this poem came out within a month of Angel Standing in the Sun, written near that time, especially since they both occur together in the same verse in Revelations 19: And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together to the great banquet of God. Together with both, last night I picked up Rapture in Progress from its finish fire at the kilns.

This is the 20th anniversary issue of Ygdrasil. The long running effort of Klaus Gerken here

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