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08 April 2014

The Prophet Is a Fool. The Spiritual Man Is Mad.

Don't be a Gnaztic. Make no formed concept about
the realness or unrealness of existence

What a death were it then to see God die ?
It made His own lieutenant, Nature, shrink,
It made His footstool crack, and the sun wink.
Could I behold those hands, which span the poles
And tune all spheres at once, pierced with those holes ?
Could I behold that endless height, which is
Zenith to us and our antipodes,
Humbled below us? or that blood, which is
The seat of all our soul's, if not of His,
Made dirt of dust, or that flesh which was worn
By God for His apparel, ragg'd and torn?

So Donne, Good Friday, Riding Westward, says these lines that are the apocalypse of stars, but that's below, where dead bodies thrown in tombs come out alive from landing on Elisha's bones. Who only wants to be taken up has to wait. It is an honor to join our brothers in their death. First and last the prophet promises dew, that cloud of dew in the heat of the harvest, but in between "the prophet shall fall" (Hosea 4.5). In between false prophets get treated like a moth (5.12). Without a king, a prince, a sacrifice, an image, an ephod, a teraphim, they go naked at the last (1.4,5). In between Hosea says folk seek wisdom from their cars (staff), ask their (google) glasses what to do, brains bypass sense, outer net gauze, false prophets, priest murders, hemlock furrows: "I saw your fathers first ripe in the fig, but they went down to Baal-Peor" (9.10). The prophet is a fool and the spiritual men are mad. A Countdown is starting.

Now about the earth rages Kurzweil. He claws the sea and transplants his body into pigs to seek to divert the sense. As innocent as evangelions against the angels the otaku war on childhood and old age, children raised in the shadow of the last days war think they are amazed.

So prepares apocalypse friend. It might come at any time, or as they say the prophet is a fool, the spiritual man mad. Good news from the prophet Hosea against Israel, but not, not befuddled America/Europe. The days of retribution come;

Let Israel know this! 
The prophet is a fool,
The spiritual man is mad
Because of the grossness of your iniquity,
And because your hostility is so great.

Apocalypse yourself! It certainly saves time in government talks. As children we practiced getting under tables. As children we plucked tufts of grass from their roots and lit them aflame to hurl like meteors through the dark afternoon. People in Hiroshima and Nagasaki looking up at the flash took glass in the face. They say ballistic glass lacerations caused the majority of 1000 injuries at the Chelyabinsk meteor air burst, February 15, 2013. It blinded them. They don't say that following the II War its government nuked the United States itself for thirty years (American Ground Zero. Carole Gallagher, 1993).  Look beneath, opposition makes consciousness. Look beneath, the FEMA will not save.The best preparation for apocalypse children is mental. I told my teacher in first grade we had been bombed. Five years we later moved to another city where the teacher said, those weren't bombs, those were blackout curtains. Gasoline was rationed. Each family member had a ration book. Children were schooled in Duck and Cover. My aunt was a plane spotter on top the Philadelphia city hall.

Children inoculated with disasters from another era truly take spiritual preparation seriously. Fifty years later, amid psychopaths and sociopaths, my son and his friend John plan how to take out attackers in their school. Don't give away the plan. Long before they were born I indoctrinated my wife and then each of them how to evacuate public places, fire in restaurants, supper clubs with instant, prescient exit. Where ever we went I marked the exits, never sat publicly with a back to the door, rehearsed action to follow. Apocalypse is awareness. I am listening to the risky neighborhoods where we lived, live close, relatively poor, one car, this after all was the target zone, the existential threat children that escape in the Blood Moon.

Apocalypse unleashes science and government, but you can still get burgers too, equally dangerous.  Lovely children of the air, presented with serial apocalypse from, four eclipses of the tetrad moon intersecting Israel with its third American harbinger to direct energy lasers burning California, look good when it comes. I got a trim to get a better seat, got some clothes. If you don't know what the harbingers are, be blessed. Are you ready? Don't be absurd. We long for it. We long to flail the pots when the rulers counsel comes. They who are dashed in pieces. Astrologers think it's Ukraine. Prophets think it's the fig. Pundits think it's Syria, Iraq, Honduran children at the gates!  Hosea thinks, 
the days of visitation are come,
 the days of recompense are here.
 Israel shall know it, 
the prophet is a fool the spiritual man is mad  9.7). 

My son has a list to do if apocalypse starts in the next two weeks. Deepen his spiritual life, put up cucumbers. He's filling water barrels. Do something. Drink the water of life freely at one AM. The kiln is cooling, to open at dawn. My metaphors linger. El Yah is the glory of Yah El.

Think about the aftermath fathers and mothers know. When you are last standing you will prove.  Bruise tattoos. Repudiations galore. Three times fired as professor, four times hired (then retired). Four destructions of nature: strip mines, watershed of Bull Creek, the Experimental Drug and Herb Garden, the closing of Bishop College, building the Papago Freeway. Oops, five. Three uprootings: coal, steel country and back, Costa Rica and back, the Black college and back x 2. Severance of profession, contacts, preferments. A fillip of four (4) floods! Moths, bedbugs, three burglars caught. Repudiation by those these were surrendered for. What was it Herbert said:

but as I raved and grew more fierce and wild at every word,
methought I heard one calling, Child:
and I replied, My Lord.
a new commentary of Shakespeare's Psalm, translated for the King, God is my refuge and my strength, a very present help in trouble, therefore will not we fear, though earth be removed and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea, in Collar and Artillery, read yesterday to my son, also born April 3, Herbert refutes the stars, aligns with Maimonides:

I, who had heard of music in the spheres,
but not of speech in stars, began to muse:
but turning to my God, whose ministers
the stars and all things are.

These judgments can be searched at Insight Statutes and Psalms and Prophets

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