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15 May 2013

Remnants of Yaunty Leg @ Danse Macabre 67-Contes, March 2013

This is the ninth episode of Ooks, which, if you're that sort of person you can find them all inured at OOks! I'd never have known of this one had not the contributor immediately above reposted and it turned up. First you have to click Fictions, then you have to click Contes, and if your finger holds out count to five and scroll down the bar at the immediate right of the text to get Yaunty Leg snug at the bottom. Who is Yaunty? An excuse for eating Ooks! Here’s how: Mix a batch, place in the oven on “ON.”  Boil to the nubbin, parcel out the bone. Separate the commercial, things are not the same. Please be careful though in how to cook and OOk, there seems to be some ShOOkPurse in there along with Charon, BOOkhoven, Aesop, Wisdom ROOster and Microfish. In other words Sue 3.0.  Macroprint was her name, or Janga before she changed to Guap. J and G silent. As the bio says, "AE Reiff is a fictional persona maintained by the Artist’s Collective of the New Ibsen Canal. There is no known means of contact except weekends in the courtyard." Here

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