Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

26 October 2012

A Brief Account. Three Prefaces.

Here is A Brief Account of some work that fell out of the universe in recent days.
These Three Prefaces speak for themselves. The Scribd sites are now repaired.

TROJAN HORSE History Roundup / The War On Neptune

Not ever knowing where this was headed, which began 1 Sept 2011, after a year it continues the same, but influenced by other work in the meantime, cataloged at Encouragements for Planting and backgrounded by Goya, Caligula, Gehry and more Blake than would be believed.

If the deep space science of the Kurk Wold Roundup can be believed, especially when subterfuge hides what would be the most astonishing discoveries under the pretense of the 19th century art, that's just for laughs, propeller airplanes and jets, globes, gobs, and anti-gravity what. There have been absurd scientists before, all the Greek philosophers, but consider the ancestor of Darwin, Erasmus Darwin who "saw" light blinking from the marigold like a code of Nibiru, or Newton's research into biblical codes of Daniel and Revelations! Kurk Wold breaks the protocols of society and science by reporting these EXPERIMENTS OF THE HEAD.

His other absurd monograph, Opiomes, facetiously argues the America nation was symbolically given to Iraq (meaning Babylon) at the Obama inauguration in Denver, of which iconic designers built a gigantic (st)age and genre of super events, buildings and art, culminating in the arrival of super uber mensch. Wold says genetic art, science, weather manipulation, chemtrails on postage stamps, unspeakable government drug experiments and psychological manipulations hold prisoner these institutions. Wold was held twice, escaped thrice. This exploration of the underworld and the iconic Altar frieze of Gigantomachy are prima facie evidence to him of its giant arms.

If the successor to William Burroughs were Hunter Thompson and Charles Bowden (Blood Orchid), who thought it better to feel what they saw than to measure and give number to the ferocity of this storm (xv), Wold wanted to measure the decibels to the point of deafness. Bowden said, "we've been in a long war and we've lost that war and the war has poisoned us and our ground. If we admit these facts, we might be able to survive. If we don't, it really won't matter if we survive because we will be functionally dead" (xvi). Will we survive? Wold spent much of his professional life either in prison or underground

Opiomes. The Domes
What does architecture and the appurtenances of its grounds, surrounding buildings in sculptures, ponds, pools, stairs, have to do with politics? The creation or destruction of pyramids or Afgan Buddhas seems more like religion, but it is a hybrid of religion and state, the state being politics. When the politics is gone the architecture remains, in ancient cases hiding the tablets of Gilgamesh, Sumerian writing and hieroglyphs, in more recent cases the very bones of progenitors residing in another architecture, the British Museum. Records of religion and state in architecture indicate massive structures in ancient China and Rome which imagination suggests to be a greater overarching culture than is known. Modern America and the world have monuments of architecture defined by ideas, but with no (obvious) religion or state to accompany.

There is however an understate that seems like a state at first that seems as diffuse and boring an architecture as fascist aesthetics. The most remarkable building event in Germany in this light is the burning of the Reichstag, a symbol affecting more than politics. Created or destroyed, but mostly destroyed, the Twin Towers of New York are a burned Reichstag afeared to be known as such, instead cast as a patriotic act of revenge against the perps, a pretext of patriotism as the Reichstag. Lacking long established state architecture, gods, kings, traditions of Aztec, Inca, Greece, Rome, Babylon, the world shorn of the gods has left only what those epic states maintained, Tyranny, yet oddly the modern will say the earth has never been more free.

How to get people to say the opposite of the true is not new. So with Opiomes, in those ancient worlds, even Elizabethan England, you spoke to and for the court or were put to death. How do we know any of this is true ourselves? We don't. The trends are too large to see. Academics spin the web of spider government that hosts the fly. They are the best we can see, unless we look at the art, architecture, Jonathan Swift, Nathaniel West, Hart Crane, really the list is so long we will not be done. But they are dismissed as imaginative personal visions, even Blake is taken as irrelevant to the modern state. But there are plenty of professors to tell us what they mean, which is to say, hide the truth that they reveal. But the buildings speak from the rooftops to the ground below. There you will find us.

The Severed Head: Starchitecture Tales Fro Faerie Gromets

In the beginning this Severed Head was BUILDING TRANSHUMAN IMMORTALS revised. It got revised a hundred times, but eventually two electronic interfaces disagreed and it was lost. Somewhere it existed who can now doubt. Of the hundred not one remained in the world. 

OPIOMES formed of this chaos, Visions of the Starchitect, Ishtar Hotel in its first reel. It blames Coleridge. Then TROJAN HORSE or Histopossum formed of the spit. Poseidon, out of the dread locks of Medusa,  made horses like Pegasus, but still retained her SEVERED HEAD. This is as ghastly as true. Pegasus and his brother Chrysaor formed just at that moment when Perseus severed it. Then the immigrant Kurk Wold docked his Batcave Neptune Mobile in Denver, home of the Broncos and Mustang Sally. So these two versions, Trojan Horse and Opiomes, were once one. One became two out of chaos, and now there are three. Would that Raja Rao had lived to hear it. Myth becoming fact, surrealism absurd. Dean Swift rowing down the Thames.

I don't mind if you take the severed head as a parable of particle physics, of the failure of the standard model to describe 4-space time entering 3-space, or, "energy which is compressed by exactly the same factor by which matter is considered compressed energy: the speed-of-light-squared! Then the empty place the empty head. A parable of particle physics! Napont Wilmington! To interpret we don’t think they are pursuing particle physics at all. The paradigm of the Standard Model is incomplete if not false, flat space time but not curved. So while they pursue the half speed LHC pipe dream of Higgs, the thinking is skewed, as if it were being done to them, not by them, and they deny the existence of the longitudinal wave.

To anybody who persevered through this process maybe the title isn't quite set, Kurk Wold Letters, 1, 2, oops, fauxnonfic, Cartoon at the End of the World, Ishtar Hotel, Starchitect, but after a hundred visions and revisions three times this much exists in other states, hidden on the internet!

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