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27 October 2013

The War on Neptune @ Full of Crow

Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2014. On acceptance Editor Paul Corman-Roberts had said, "love to run "The War on Neptune" for our Fall Full of Crow!" After Thanksgiving he wrote, "Full of Crow Fiction has nominated you for this year's Pushcart short story in fiction prize for the story The War on Neptune.  Congratulations and thank you for sharing such excellent writing with us!"

  Caligula stabbed the sea because he thought it full of Goya's giants and horrors. We later see there was good reason. Homer took a full page ad in this with Laocoön, along with the statues, paintings of El Greco. Daniel said the beast that came up from the sea was global, without borders, when goats would trample stars to the ground.  Star gods conform these myths in the Fall of Jerusalem which is not yet out.

This would be the 4th letter on the Neptune war, philosophy and circus, counting others at the sainted elimae: Imagination of Los, Jerusalem Blake and Last Days of Borges,  Borges' Escape)

Notes: Three prongs pitching hay for the ride,  Overflights from the Desk of Pedro Escadero, and Herbal Cures of Orc Tongue, the broken link in the first paragraph of War references Milked as cataloged at Pray It Not Strange. Glossary:  Alters here; Artificial Intelligence, here; Conscious Unconscious, here; EMR, here; Little Boy Little Bomb, here; NLP, here; Otaku, here; Unconscious Mind, here

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