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03 November 2011

Playdate @ Unlikely 2.0

 Finnish site pulls kindergarten shooting game
 Meridian 59 [1996] was one of the first online Pkilling game / later popularized in Diablo / then Townkillers. Pundits publish timelines since Columbine [1999]. Since the fact is unthinkable the cause is unspeakable. The only resort is whether to catalog by where the event happened or by the shooter. Do you ever wonder about the nonsense you are fed by Disinformation Services, news, government? There are so many ways to view these that they spin. Without their feelers, the butterflies lost the ability to navigate using the sun. They are supposed to spin.

HERE, Playdate @ Unlikely 2.0, is evidence that fantasy acts are real. Three assassins, Comprachicoes of the culture itself, Cho who killed others, Eleuricia who was killed for others, and Rimbaud who assassinated poetry. Assassination of society, to take a view of many heads became a popular pastime in 2012, sixteen mass murders on the upward sloping line, the context in this article specifies if the italic speech is Cho Seung-Hui of Virginia Tech, Central American liberationist Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J.  or French nihilist poet Arthur Rimbaud.  See here Cho as  victim. Virginia Tech culture here. The entire Divine Comedy of Suffering here. The big pic in progress here.

 Sandy Hook Elementary,
 Cho of Virginia Tech,
 Jacob Tyler Roberts-Oregon Mall,
 James Holmes-Aurora Dark Knight,
 Gianluca Casseri-Florence-Casseri was the author of fantasy novels including "The Key of Chaos," 
Health club shootings,
 beer distributor shootings, 
Rick Dolan, sniper 
 Matthew Murray New Life Church Killer,
Omaha mall killer Robert Hawkins,
 Richard Kazmierczak Northern Illinois University killings,

Korean church retreat
The Jonesboro murders
Rocori High School shootings
Success Tech Cleveland
W.R. Myers high school Canada
Winslow Township High School
Heath High School in W. Paducah, KY, 
Wedgwood Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, 
Gutenburg Gymnasium high school 
Binghamton shootings,
South Alabama shootings, 
Germany school attack,
Omaha mall killer, Robert Hawkins
YouTube massacre: Finland.Schoolboy posts threat on the internet then kills eight
Matti Juhani Saari

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