Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

07 September 2015


The more intelligent the entity the larger its neocortex and the more likely its deception. This maxim from Liespotting describes Intelligence. Popular culture, religion, history, science are all altered by its programming. The stories here, called Portals, (issued in proof 1 Sept 2015) could be called Mandela Portals (Stark) of forged millisecond openings to alter human awareness. Saying human implies there is another kind, so to specify, human means "His will, blessed be He, confers upon man the power to free or to stop [to open or to close] thousands of myriads of forces and worlds, on account of all the detail and all the levels of his conduct and all his perpetual concerns, thanks to the superior root of his deeds, words and thoughts, as if man too were the master of the forces that command these worlds (Levinas, Beyond the Verse, 160). Things don't quite seem what they were before. Can't put a finger on it, didn't Rosalyn Carter die?, no, but there is entertainment to fix your mind, fixed Super Bowl, cereal, air, water, corn, toothpaste and deodorant. These fixes are accomplished because the world and all the people vibrate at higher and lower levels. Anybody who figures out how to fix the vibrations alters them. A car revving outside the door alters your world. Whether these come about from colliding particles at CERN (Patch) or from the isolation of particles in the quantum computers that govern them (High) is moot. Sending information (combinatoral equations/problems) into another dimension and receiving back answer/solutions from such unknowns makes human culture obsolete.

Quantum annealing designs all the super intelligent stratagems of the global elite. It's not just that the super computers of Utah and NSA gather the habits of the herd. The data is linked to questions like: Which items and subjects should be altered for best Effect? What alterations are noticed by POPulation and to what extent? What reactions will this cause and what communication of effects? Cause and effect close enough, the "questions" and answers are expressed in combinatorial optimization sent through these portals identify optimal targets for alteration in the world algorithm when the answer is returned. The cause of the change disappears but the alteration remains behind. Imposed from without, not from within, the series of depravities observed in The Experiment on Walter Bowart are received through this portal.

The means of altering dimensions is by immersing their aquarium in another via a pulse 2 dilution refrigerator. Its creators like to call it an "altar to an alien god." A "giant black monolith" of 10x12ft, the super refrigerated black box generates close to Absolute zero. It pulses once a second, like a heartbeat, they so love to say. The chip size is a thumbnail accessing 2 mutually exclusive states at same time (standard quantum particle and wave), which states are identical except for value of a qubit. In Quantum Computing, each qubit doubles, 2 to the 500, which means the number of parallel universes living in that chip overlap our world, doubling the number of qubits each year. Caveat: you have to believe all this and that science is a higher power.
--the future walks through the past and the present and leaves a trail. The past is all dressed, costumed up, the present is shadowy, ghostly, airy with sightings of the future, but when the future when it arrives it too is dressed with what we think we know. Dress up the new, but it is costumed in the old. We think we know and feel the present but it gone fast. We forget it and our memory of it is what we call the present, but by then that too is the past. Catch the future walking on the roof, on a slab, in tree cuts which seem concrete events when finished, except they are a construct of decisions, timings. Post date your losses to the next new year, sell so gains equal losses, but it is a technicality of book keeping, a bow to Rome the way government counts time. January is really the fourth month of creation!

These fictions of physics and geography, like classical shrines and anti-shrines of the Renaissance heaven, earth and hell, may now be seen as forced micro-second nano openings between dimensions, which substitutions also translate to political life where Prince Charles bemoans populism and compares it to the Nazi when the Windsor family was the most pro Nazi of all Europe. The facetious is the real. Obama says Americans should be alarmed at Russian hacking when they should really be alarmed by Obama. Reversals and substitutions of invention for fact demolish and diminish mind and reason for fear and are meant to. This is done on every level and speed using the Adibatic Quantum Computer (AQC) made by D-Wave.

This model of the "real world" is a duplicate reality running in a sentient Quantum computing sacrifices each morning of each person among 7 billion reproduced as a "node." Names are substituted with waivers (avatars) by Sentient World Simulation . Alternative realities ripple the globe to create for each person as within a river a "mirror" of their entire world. POP here means both population and popular culture. Bringing the vehicle to outwardly express these inclusions and occultations of text and belief, Portals are the ultimate tool to program predictive algorithms. MANDELA EFFECT! Quantum Computing Artificial Intelligence Is Here!

Corruption of Text in the Palimpsest

As data is altered in texts in books, designs of art, iconic moments, memory is a last impediment. Beyond the altered continuum the lion still lies down with the lamb in memory, to cite the most obvious example of Mandela portals in quantum substitution. It now reads wolf for lion. Literature is naive, art superfluous. When written texts are corrupted tradition passes memory to memory outside the machined and Mainstream text. Where and how memory is stored has not been answered in this resistance of a new oral age. The corruption of text made invisible or changed also profoundly revisits and affects the palimpsest.

Quantum annealing side-steps the instability of quantum states. In combination, both coherence and decoherence phases allow the qubits to operate in both states of superposition. The final step is programming and operating the optimization, combining all probable solutions to a given problem and inserting them into parallel dimensions. This yields a solution of 99.99% accuracy through quantum tunneling where A qubit is a vertical and horizontal polarization in a two-state quantum-mechanical system. In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other. Quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a superposition of both states at the same time.

The number of 512 qubits which equals 7 billion human brains, is superseded by the present 2048 qubits on a chip at the adiabatic capacity presently at CERN. Singularity has surpassed itself in a society where 60 democrats don't attend the inaugural of their own government and tales of various catastrophes and assassinations spew from their narratives in case they do pull off a COG continuity of government, or some other. Almost no orgs however attend these third world reality dissonances, making the connection of CERN with the poles of Saturn to release prisoners of the black here below a welcome relief from the stupor. Of course this will all come as a surprise even if prepping is still to be done with the Discoveries in Antarctic, while stable strangelets accumulate toward a neutron star at earth's core. Prior to that the antipodal disruptions on the earth opposite CERN, being New Zealand, are the place where these effects might reasonably be searched, New Zealand and Antarctica.


-- "Superposition of quantum bits can only be achieved by using a 4 state system quaternary relationship of binary particles. Quantum entanglement is the way information is exchanged between 0s and 1s. These cern entities are now confirmed as real, see anthony patch. ruggero m. santilli, ITE, invisible terrestrial entities, binocular telescope like Mt. Graham.
--Collider: "some kind of invasion by spontaneously swelling and shrinking spherical or wheel-shaped creatures."
--"Dr Bertolucci later got in touch to confirm that yes indeed, there would be an "open door", but that even with the power of the LHC at his disposal he would only be able to hold it open "a very tiny lapse of time, 10-26 seconds, [but] during that infinitesimal amount of time we would be able to peer into this open door, either by getting something out of it or sending something into it."
-- D-Wave employs the Monte Carlo method in combinatorial optimization. This is a system of statistical analysis that predicts the outcome by combining all known possible solutions to a given problem/equation. Each time D-Wave and associated customers like Lockheed USC, Google NASA and CERN insert combinatorial equations into parallel universes by way of their qubits, they do so through quantum tunneling. This Quantum tunneling, a two-way communication pathway-combination of all known and probable solutions to a given problem/equation then translated back to a form new hybrid science can use. Thus solutions are received from another dimension. In conclusion, how we experience our present environment, the universe known to us, is propositionally altered on a continual basis. There is a direct connection between the AQCs and the super collider LHC.
--"The LHC uses TeV and PeV of power derived from the colliding of particles.
The AQC (model 1024 (1,152 qubits), released in February of 2015 (in actuality, the model 2048), is described as possessing processing power equivalent to over 7 billion human brains). uses the superposition of qubits, and quantum tunneling. the number of qubits determines the number of parallel universes the AQC can open portals." Quotes from Anthony Patch.
--It is the NA (North Area) which will house Nimrod's DNA, but not until they've completed the necessary Machine Development (MD) of AWAKE, including the filling of it with Xeon gas.
--Mandela Effect solely within the realm of the AQC and its process of quantum tunneling of equations.
--digitized demonic entities Geordie Rose uses military terms, QCs deployed in research centers. QC are not super computers. Google and NASA have them. To build "machines like us," Boards of Spaceex, Tesla, AQC's were actually, literally sending information (combinatoral equations/problems) into another dimension. And, then receiving back answers/solutions from unknown sources. But, the answers were correct.
--Unease at tech development in Silcon Valley, 5yrs NASA finds new earth, ..., humanity on cusp of the revelation where machines outphase us in every respect. In 15 years machines will do this.
--D Wave Systems --to break Shor's 2048 algorithm. Meaning, factoring (finding) all the prime numbers within 2048, in order to discover the original key used to code a message/communication. AQC mathematically operates through ORDER-FINDING of prime factors of 2048. Upon the cracking by the model 1024 (not publicly discussed by D-Wave) of Shor's 2048 algorithm, THE MANDELA EFFECTS BEGAN TO MANIFEST: Anthony Patch.
--The "key to the bottomless pit". The key is carried by the Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven, the breaking of an ENCRYPTED DIMENSIONAL CODE. One specific to Saturn's cube, requiring 4096 qubit.
--Small portal. Breaking open first, one tetrahedral Strangelet. Once accomplished within the fixed target of the combined LHC/AWAKE accelerators. Only then will they generate the Birkeland currents, plasma conduit to Saturn, and its cube open. Focusing and steering this conduit is accomplished using the toroidal field produced by the LHC's superconducting magnets. [Silver!] The magnetosphere will be parted and opened, allowing the Birkeland currents to flow through the conductive plasma fields to Saturn. See Saturn
--600 cell-tetrahedron shape of matter.

--Monte Carlo Method is the system of statistical analysis in prediction of outcomes. What particles may result from high-energy collisions, and separately, integration.- multivariable integral. One possible approach to solve this multivariable integral is to exactly enumerate all possible configurations of the system, and calculate averages at will. This is done in exactly solvable systems, and in simulations of simple systems with few particles. In realistic systems, on the other hand, an exact enumeration can be difficult or impossible to implement. For those systems, the Monte Carlo integration (and not to be confused with Monte Carlo method, which is used to simulate molecular chains) is generally employed for // importance sampling, which may be what Clif High does,--connected to Mandela Effect.

-construction of algorithms predicting human behavior. Behavioral Modelling.
--Five narrators find a common theme in the intersections of these irruptions used to identify question/solutions from other dimensions. An anonymous fellow of the Marfa Research Institute, Kurk Wold FRCS, Pedro Escadero and a collective narrator, all of us and them together.

Mandela effect: edited timelines

1) the silver leg, a very blatant and in your face obvious change; 2) Luke, I am your father; if you build it they will come; Mirror, mirror on the wall; Life is like a box of chocolates 3) text, lion and lamb, visuals, maps, island off Australia, Mongolia reduced, man from Taured.
The significance of this tampering is reduced either to formula or dismissal. Alexander Dugin is Putin's Rasputin, but he might as well be the psychoactive Alexander Shulgin. David Wilcock is really Rasputin, Rasputin in Edgar Cayce! The Russians tamper with American elections but not the Saudis! None of the variegation of human thought exists in these false paradigms only their caricature. This allows the long traditions of American democracy to be subverted by the jingoistic repetition of the three slogans against Trump.

Portal Novus Ordo

Graham Hancock says if you keep the 10 + 30 moral commandments of Egypt and if you commit to higher than can get another, an eternal life. I think this life and this moment are all the life you get on earth and that the moment now is eternal like a wedge of a pie that reaches back to the founding of this life in the Father in eternity, before the foundation cataclysm of the world. Maybe better to say this life is a spear whose tip is in the water of life but whose shaft extends to the Armoire, waiting to be thrown, for a spear does not throw itself. To receive Him so is to be aware of this at the same time that the tip of life is immersed in life.
The process of this alteration is of some interest because it involves the technique that proceeds by combinatorial optimization and convolution representations.


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