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02 October 2008


They are called Superstition dEmoNots from thRee
Rules of order in the philosopher HEgel, a dialectic
Known as the Golden SupErstitions, but in reverse.

Their third order is at the top, called Man Who Is,

But hypothetically, for demonots do not believe

In Such a being. The closest expl anation they give iS,

Is Is, Is ? Which is to say, Is, Is not. They believe in

Not Being. Since dEmonots disbelieve the third order

They substitute it with the SEcond, Man Who Is Not.

This man sayS, Was, Is, to deLve tHe metaphysic.

Second order initIates engage the science of nem-

Esis. They conceive the Piscean bully a savior, the

Aquarian TYrant a brother, the ScorpioN iconocLast a disciple,
the LeonIan recluse a stAr. It shows ironic self-AwareneSS.
A spider Caught in a web, prevented by itself From
Being itself, they Achieve a brotherhood of the im-
Perfect. TheY are not what others think theM.
They arE not what they're Supposed to be.
They are not wHat th ey think themselves.
In Topsy - turvy, Not Man Who Is, of the First Order, a
Demonot unDerclass, Took the second and substituted
Itself. This Not-Man Concocted a PretEnD OrDer that
Said since the Second Thought itself unworthy, it must
Be For Who Would know be tter? So the First Substituted
ItseLf for the Second and Pretended to Be the Third.

The flag upside down is a signal of distress.
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This text first appeared  in
Then it appeared in Mad Hatty Bunker
Uberstitious UberSubs
They call the Uberstition Boobs Demobs in Fools of Ardor
by the great Phil Heg, a trifectic superlete called Golden Soups
in verse, the Man Who Ubernot, also called Do Not Believe.
Such BE the closest we can come to is, Is Is, Is? Which is to say, No, Not.
We bein' Not be Demo-bots believe the Sub-stud Man Who Not.
Two nots
make three.
First once the dude
Then Second Indubiate scientists conceived the super boob,
a Pisean Eggwardian trumpet bro, a Superblast IconAnt
Disbo Lone Star recluse. There mo. There bes and not bes
Iconic wig. A spider vented Otherhood. Be nots achieved
a perp
InPerp, what others think Top Turve, but not.
Not Man Coo, but not supposed. First Emanant
not class
submitted stud, no unconcocted orb which Said
pretend the second thought Un-worth, for who would not
know be? Ha, ha. So First uptooted right and ended Thud. That Ud.

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