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02 December 2014

Magical Thinking @ Unlikely Stories: Episode IV

Think like yer neighbor. Be safe. [Amazingly this comes true for Unlikely Stories in Feb 2017 when it accepts then rejects a piece, Multidimensional Upsets, for supporting "a worldview intractably opposed" to its own. See how well this fits Magical Thinking!] What do you do when the tow truck stops at your door? You think it is an ice cream truck. A coping mechanism out of psychopathy and wisdom of crowd thinking, first, pretend nothing is happening [like the coming ice age I pointed out in response] then invent substitutes for what you refuse to conceive, which you cannot let pass your lips. Be a fairy princess not a wounded soul. The drug of choice is fantasy, fueled by mj and all her cousins. Kafka spelled it Amerika in Deceiving the Fact. In Ameryca, Autobiography of a Poem I discriminate the y from the i. The ice cream truck is in Magical Thinking. The ice age is in the volcano and earthquake. No doubt Unlikely is offended at ICE anyway, the immigration foes. Doctrinaire and symbolically clueless. A vicious piece on Bowden in Unlikely was indexed hereMagical Thinking here

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