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30 November 2014

Wonderland Soup @ FishFood Mag. The Obesity Ranchers.

Wonderland Soup  seemed a natural to send to FishFood Mag, and so it was. One of five songs, monologues and comic interviews produced from the ranch days when E was 2 and after, including the yet dormant Paving Over Nature with Jimmy Repeat and 15 or 20 sound files of children's tales. A written version of one went up at Jack in 2008, Elsie Marley, The Cat on Cuthbert's Head. To take advantage of the moment and inventory, a privately issued Stories (1986) with Hungry Mole, Three Little Pigs, Tiddlywink and the Manhole Covers, Pussley the Cat, Pussley on the Moon, The Big Bad Mouse, Little Johnny Jump Up, Troglodyte the Tree and Fluffy Little Cloud.
Whale Tale of Dolphy, The New Earth of Char Beamish, Cloud Boy and The Adventures of People and Heater, with hand printed drawings and covers were produced with collage covers, c. 1993-95 as coloring books in various states. Bardy the Apple Boy, Titanic Wish Fish, were transcribed in the notebooks (written at the same time as Palooka's Antidotes on Tannenbaum (Escape From the Heavenlies and Ayn Hacksharp), but Dad WaHale, Ptchow, Cornstalks, Naming Baby Reign, White Canada Goose, Cluck Duck, A Book on a Bookshelf, Three Dolphins, Big Bad Shark, Dolphin Song, Trod the Tree, The Heavenly Pond, A Picture and a Lamp, How They Were Born persist only on tape kept in the top drawer of that Berks County chest already old when given to Grandmother Anna centuries ago. So there is a lot left to produce in the ten years I promised to publish, beginning June '05 and only six months left. The New Earth of Char Beamish was performed in 1997 for Miss Rindels' first grade class. Each student got a photocopy (32p) of the original. Cosmist Checks Terran went up at Antipodean SF, Issue 167, which text now exists at Pandora, Australia's Web Archive, the audio on SoundCloud, aside from usual MP3 piracies.

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