Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

10 September 2013

For the Trieste Newmontes among the garden statues of La Chiara near Siena that year

[This speech given for the Trieste Newmontes among the garden statues of La Chiara near Siena  that year.]

There is a  hazard to the new World Order greater  than those medieval corresponds where every planetary  hair has a human dress. Profound. The sun its heart, kohlrabi  its vegetable, gold its mineral, Brussels its city, Guam its country. When not the woman, the man lay by her side as Europe, her head Logres Britain,  a breast in France, a hand in Italy, Byzantium her navel, the Caucasus her buttocks, Jerusalem below, then "her Chin / Ore past; and the straight Hellespont between / the Sestos and Abydos of her breasts (Donne, "Love's Progress"), bogs, barrens, white cliffs, lowlands: buttocks, hands, chin and genitals. The symbolic world maps of (Andrea Bianco, 1436) put Jerusalem at the center of the globe.  Faithful to  geography, "we love the Centrique part,"  says Donne (Elegy xviii). "Spherical, like a globe. I could find out countries in her" (Comedy of Errors).

They thought it man, center of the universe before Copernicus, (that once called all in doubt), but  a transmodern returns him to the center. New philosophy displaces evolution with gene experiments, displaces god with immorality (oops, immortality), displaces  dignity of  rights with alien precedence and worse. To that new world where the golden Shiners come, each  article would the new correspond with its byproduct, to coin urinary speech at Danse Macabre, and should philosophy excrete, and perspiration art, science a gall stone, government blood, new drugs too will roll, new gods with mescaline and DMT, and sex, how many brand names you got? This Ordo odoratum, rolls out obesity to wheel the patient off, still eating of course, since "if they don't eat let them all die." We rely on their consumption for national growth and jobs. Fast food makes them addicts with the food. The new woman of this New Order's ambition is to weigh 1800 pounds. The fetish of obesity porn, diet, drugs and art we know, but not education, which is coming in brain implants,  and literature. We hoped to set lit right with Ooks and Orks, but who knew you would read this.  The text changes from day to day. To quote Shakespeare, there's mud in your eye at the bottom of the frontispage here .

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