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01 February 2009

Kimberlites of the Father

Diamonds are forged by pressure  miles down. After formation, they are carried to the surface by volcanic act, shot into kimberlites high. Lodging in the diamond pipe enables them to be found. Vannoccio Biringuccio thought gold mines a kind of kimberlite that took the shape of tree roots. In times of the human forging of these, they are made of unspeakable memories, like those of POW's and released prisoners, deep things, but then we wake from sleep. This depth is realized in the Book of Caermarthen in those catalogues of the fallen, "whose grave is this, this one and this, ask me I know them,"  but the exile does not show his heart as he sits, "I and my frank round our cauldron." With the diamond tubes forgot, the sparking jewels, depth mining round descents brings them out. Look. Buds and stalks press against an intent face: "Oh who is an ocean to bathe the worlds sores in?" The versions below were bound and saved by my father when they occurred, put away with letters in the order given. He signed his name on the title pages!

-A Calendar of Poems / Encouragements for Such as Shall Have Intention to be Undertakers in the Planting of the New Found Land / Set Forth With Divers Reasons and Inducements. 1974.
-Restorations of the Golden Age in New World Discoveries. 1975. 144p. Chapter I: The Loss of the Golden Age.
-Twenty Photographs of the Risen Dead. 1982. 120 p.
-The Roundness of Bellyheart's Bearing, 1982. 97p. (condensed version)
-The Story That's Never Been Told. 1982.
-Songs of Ariel College, 1982. 47p.
-The Taliesin Poems, 1982. 80p.
-Native Texans. Some Medicinal, Social and Philosophic Contexts of the Plants of Texas and the Southwest.1984. 133p.
-PL3:HSTBIS - Planet Three: Help Send This Book Into Space. 1986. 208p.
-Stories for Children. 1986. Elsie's Marley's Tale of Cats. 1988. A Whale Tale of Dolphy. 1994. The Adventures of People and Heater. 1995. Cloud Boy. 1995. The New Earth of Char Beamish. 1997.
-Chang Pomes. 1994.
-A Tulip Blooms From the Heart: Some Lives and Letters. 2004. 135p.
-The Way into the Flowering Heart. 2005, 203p.

With the personal connected to giant forces that the pressures of earth reflect, the father is like the diamond pipe that stores the stone. Formed from pressures 250 miles down, it is delivered fine by fire. Creation reifies material from abstraction. Memory goes to touch the vein, Dante in kimberlite, Milton orbiting fallopians of birth and death, wind sprout lives, veins above and mitochondrial relations in the collective beneath. Once pressure forms the diamond, lava places it home. Head down in the mining, one arm to hold a rope to the surface as one foot presses the rim,  hung upside down in the vein, the other hand with a hammer chips the side. Communities built of kimberlites, families and tribes are forged from earth wherever kimberlites connect.

"Diamonds form at a depth greater than 93 miles (150 kilometers) beneath the earth's surface. After their formation, diamonds are carried to the surface of the earth by volcanic activity. As this molten mixture of magma (molten rock), minerals, rock fragments, and diamonds approaches the earth's surface it begins to form an underground structure (pipe) that is shaped like a champagne-flute."

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