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22 December 2016

Eating ISusan @ Gobbet

Those who follow the moon know the hundred parts ISue tried to fly "nude before the Flood," "to the four centers of the squeamish."  To claim her as the "pineal daughter of Chaldee," Susan  and those "happy befallen Atlanteans" privileged to exhume her" would "open the gates of the anima" like WB Yeats, except  his Endowment of Isis pended on Annie Butler Yeats and wife Georgie as amanuensis. Eating Human spokespersons of the hundred parts explore this female principle of nature" with its "tail in its mouth."  "From Bolivia to Moscow they believe in metempsycowis." PD Ouspensky took his "fourth initiation in the quest of Susan through animism and mindlessness."  Political matter was divulged in "Europe, Asia and America, Lady Ottoline, Lady Cynthia and Horrible Dorothy." America was horrible Dorothy.  The woman and the beast, Gorgon Google beast rider saddled up the Terrible. Electro-smog at mindless end with "Google Stare," divulged this religion of the half life of "cow of mind life" mindless. Its backstory of Turk and his paramour  would epitomize in "Sigmund the perfect Wagnerite to her Polish governess." Our first quote from Animal Farm changes "from pig to man" to "from cow to man." There characters in embryo will more fully develop in the ether of finished work to make us novelists for there is getting to be a future in MOOn Landings. Every line opposition and linguistic fixtures. Thanks  to Gary Shipley for roofing our cattle. He previously herded Sue SmOOke in and two years later  Fairy Tale Fro Gromets. Complete rosters of the ten parts can be found at OOks where Eating is a way of following what one has seen before, a novel if mythic, political, religious mystery. here

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