Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

13 June 2013

Dispatch Memoirs of the Ubu Attorney General @ Sein und Werden

Peter Waldo
 "The standard literary conventions gradually decompose until Not Quite Human ends with A. E. Reiff's seemingly random accumulation of "Dispatch Memoirs of the Ubu Attorney General", a hyperlinked miscellany including selections such as "Street Vendor's Pamphlet Distributed Outside the White House" and "Worship at the Beast Dome." -in The World is a Text Interpretable by the Elect

The Dispatch Memoirs sample from memos of the attorney general of the Ubu Republic as he examines metadata generated from manifold listening devices. Will use later writing his memoirs. Ubu Republic traverses most known worlds, proved by divination of the Ubu Age @ HistoPossum: "There are some differences outside the sun, if colorless, but no sign of Watching  because the eye is nobody and has to cause algorithm shifts by program. Cameras spot the general, microchips particular. BP, heart rate, brain monitors normality." here

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