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31 January 2013

Define the Quantum Man

The complete course, two or three semesters combined, reissued @ AERFilms. Surprise.
Quantum Theory and Prufrock I
Prufrock, The Quantum Man II
Quantum Cure Ode To Autumn
Quantum Cure Ode To Autumn 2, Sound & Meaning
True Human Being - The Relation to the Cosmos
Prophetic Confirmations
Kafka and the Modern Investigation of Consciousness

We set out in 1984 to define The Quantum Man, to celebrate the year that had a book written about it.  1984 beat out 2000, it beat out 2012.
Nineteen Eighty Four was the symbol of absolutism, official deception, secret surveillance, manipulation of the past which came full circle in the announcement by an American government of its right to execute drone strikes upon American citizens in their own country. This was as anti-climactic since it had occurred in multiple form for years. Domestic nuke testing, hurricane Sandy.To track these undercurrents behind the eyeball of lit and consciousness we did a kind of literature stand up, comedic prophetic reprehensibilities mixed here and there. Could be lies in the government, science and religion of the Ubu state! Take it with a grain of salt and laugh. These classes always changed with the fresh water from student minds outflowing.  The tapes were put in the Zale library the next day for reference. The text was the Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces, II, Fourth Edition; you can buy one for a buck.

If it is the unstated conclusion that the purpose of the 20th century was to break down boundaries in order to initiate earth into its new order, we are not ourselves the causes of world pollution, disease, famine and destruction that we are  blamed for. We are the victims of things a long time preparing. So relax as we find out what they are. The blame of Forces has been shifted to the ordinary scapegoat citizen so manipulated and controlled he thinks he is free. There being no control groups to measure global pandemics, since they are global, in the midst of experiments that change the course of human existence these tapes are a kind of control group of how it happened along the way.  We'd not proved the harm of tobacco without such groups, that is, people who didn't smoke. Here we need people who don't believe (what's on stage). We knew it was coming but now it is here, as these tapes rebroadcast, 2013. You may reconstruct to know what is.

Of the particular tapes uploaded so far to capture the extermination of the traditional by the modern.
 Prufrock is seen as opposite Ode to Autumn. Other examples of these oppositions will follow. As to True Human Being, Prophetic Confirmations and Cutting Edge, all done together, the proof is  in the eating. Each of these makes an ultimately shocking statement from such naive process.

True Human Being concludes that humans are space travelers after all, but not in the sense of current NASA and ET thought, not at all. The dominion of the hands is a birthright, before genome, inalienable in the  creation of the human being. All kinds of things follow from this, among them, that when the Vatican, science and the United States presidents announce the arrival of their alien co-conspirators, it is a ruse. They will not come to us, but we will go to them, for we have been given dominion over the works of his hands. Hands are very big in this piece. Perhaps only poetry could have said it so well.

Prophetic Confirmations naively asks whether we are ready and eager to conclude these affairs, to some incredulity and laughter, because who could be, yet who isn't? So after ranging from the ease of the Old Testament prophecy of Palm Sunday the conclusion of Jerusalem occurs, but with this encouragement that helps, from Zechariah, that in that day the feeblest among us will be as David, and the house of David will be as Lord and the Angel of the Lord. Think about it.

The Death of the  Imagination makes the most extreme statement that to the modern mind can be made when, after change upon change, it says that Jesus can restore your imagination. This will equally gall all sides, leaving no one except the incredulous in store.

The naivete persona of the teacher-speaker is just that. Don't try to make into a sophisticate a speaker outside the veil of what is allowed in ironic contemporary discourse. Many of the students in that place and time were naive too. A good pic of the classroom may exist only in memory, but the very international mix of students from Africa in those classes, along with a number of outspoken and older students who provoked the way the conversations went with mature and often humorous responses, make the tapes almost as interesting as themselves. To hear the broad language of the Kenyans and Nigerians pleasures the ear, but they all treasured the moment in the same spirit. Not like the critically espoiled middle classes, shorn of belief, these people from all over the world were in awe of their opportunity to be taught by an American Ph.D.,  as they would say it. If that sounds really naive, it does stop the mouth of the accuser who says that they shall not all be taught, meaning that like a child, their naivete would lead them. And it would be fun.

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