Dove descending interior old Augustus Lutheran Church Sanctuary, founded by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, c. 1743 Providence (Trappe) PA, 18 Sept 2012.

20 March 2009

A Spiritual Tour of the Grand Canyon @ Jack

"Leo got down on his hands and knees, put his “paws” on the table surface of a rock beside him and tilted his head back like he was going to howl. He had put on a costume too, a skin with a head like somebody’s lost rug. His mouth was open. Saliva dripped off his tongue. Words blended into cries and moans. Like a coyote speaking English and a rooster starting to crow all at the same time. Then he spun around a couple of times. Everybody’s in a daze. The fire is throwing shadows off faces. One minute it’s like he disappeared, then the next he’s back in a new costume. Branches come out his collar and go up over his head. It sounded like there were yips and caterwauls. He’s stuck his neck way out now, shakes his head back and forth. The dudes have their mouths open too. He stretches his arms out with his head and lets out a long whistling cry." here

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