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26 January 2017

Subfornical Organ @ Squawk Back 165

These letters reflect the Subfornical Organ debate the new organ practices that became part of our day. A latter age friend of Borges met at Texas some time ago said that when they squeezed, the SubForn would trigger radiometric monitors at nuclear sites and explode crystals in their acid brains. The voices of TurnSpeak call this free speech in their assault, like when they bomb you they are saving you. Snowflakes shrink the soft parts back into the shell by desiccation. This evolutionary tactic beyond our ken polarizes opposites! Anti-science is science, just the One thought! The anti-diuretic-reduced soft parts that evolved at the American election were able to pee with their mouth. here

A copy of the only book ever produced got an autograph out of  Frigman. He was so sensitive then he did not respond to ordinary requests. Pretend reviews of this book gained admission to the master’s  hand. He was head of  the Society for Literature and Science where it was sent it in as a review. He did respond:

I take exception to your assertion that were Pismuth to pee with its mouth that this would merely symbolize an orifice of literature. This oracular confusion may symbolize something more complex than our society and art, but not the cannibalism or government that the ancients mistook for an Ape. Literary  speech may reflect this freedom, at that to call it free it is free as a slave, or, if that’s not enough, the split transformed  to turn the  kidney into a third brain causes grave reservation in the review process, especially in what appears to be a wholly self-published and promoted work without any sign of external standards or review. Your press is not listed in any of the standard guides to books in print, nor are your individual titles. In a field where psychology is so well served by a myriad of small presses, we view self-publication as vanity publication, which lacks any external review prior to publication, as well as to the implication that the book in question  has not been accepted externally prior to publication. Occasionally one manages to go undiscovered through the cracks save for a small coterie of admirers, but let us hope that a Joseph Johnson may appear to publish Blake. As to the instance of a giant kidney in the form of a building in the nation’s capital, need I say that such fantastical architecture externalizing human organs outside the body is just the kind of thing external review is fashioned to prevent.

Although you may be indisposed to reading avuncular advice let me suggest you circulate your “psychology” among the little magazines to get a fuller sense of what external standards obtain and please find a local psychology workshop of peer-criticism. Both exercises are calculated to impart some humility which I, for one, find notable in its absence in writing that, far from being prophetic, is presumptuous. To put the case succinctly: a poetry and psychology that actually achieved the ends you propose would not need a “dear reader.” Readers would share the book without asking your leave . Anyone who “humbly send[s]…verses” probably is not humble at all.

Peter FreakenFreund

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